Waste Allocation Load Lifter – Earth Class

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Wall-E, a formattable movie. While most would just assume it is just a cartoon to entertain younger children and by all means, it was a huge hit with not just the younger crowd.

As with all genius shorts and movies created, produced by Pixar, this one did not disappoint, but, where the ingeniousness really shines is the humanity placed and perfectly choreographed into the movie, showing the world that the humans that make this entertainment possible, are they themselves, very human.

Released June 27, 2008, the movie depicts a trashed earth. A earth that has been left by none other than humans, of course. Wall-E’s roll and reason for existence for this trashed earth is to collect and compact the left over waste that one finds ever so easy to discard of on a daily basis. As for the humans that trashed and left earth, they forgot something. They forgot to turn Wall-E the trash compacting robot off and thus giving us this lesson.

As I’ve written before in two of my earliest post, God Is Calling and Shrines of the Obsolete our greed for “gimmy right now,” or if you would like to call it the “Me,” “I,” “My” society has caused a demand-supply that was – starting as far back as 1912 to 1915, when Clarence Birdseye’s discovery, invention of frozen food in Dominion of Newfoundland (now Canada) – and still is being fulfilled by those that; while claiming we need to take care of earth, really do not give a rats dam about what happens in 50 years from now, if there is still a earth that is.

While I most certainly do not want, nor am I intending in this writing to climb into the rabbit hole of doomsday despair, there is a lot to learn here and we most certainly are not going to learn it from a challenged Swedish teenager that cannot seem to find the time to go school, but has all the time in the world to use up just as much resources as Al Gore; while claiming to save the planet, and of course, to teach us, an ignorant society how to BBQ.

In another post, I expressed disdain for the media and advertisers that sleep with us, know our every move, continuously bombarding us with advertising as we walk, talk and of course, sleep. If this were not enough, these same companies, in co-operation with media producers have taken it one step further. Pumping-out billions of in home smart devices. These cute little things that are there to help us with our ever so busy life style, freeing us from the every so arduous, burdensome task of spending one minute of time on that fancy phone in your hand to use this most marvelous thing called the internet to look something up. To tell us while we are standing at the window in our living room that it is raining outside. To show us pictures of the inside of our refrigerators and of course, to make sure we are programmed to watch what the manufactures suggest to us on our smart TV’s.

No. This post is more about humanity in a chaotic world, inundated with misled, cynical government leaders, a world that has always been plagued with viruses since the beginning of time, unhappy groups of self-entitled people that are not able to show peaceful distrust and most certainly, are not able to come together as one for the change that is actually needed and not the garbage that is touted by the talking heads in media, seat polishers and blabbing politicians that do not even know what day it is, as long as they can get you, the ignorant society to believe a single word out of their mouth.

In Wall-E’s humane society, it is easy to see that a single act of kindness has more power than an entire government. A single act of defiance by a single person can show the world what it should be paying attention to and what is really important. Case-In-Point. The unknown Tank Man in Tienanmen Square.

A single person, stopping a parade of tanks from progressing into Tienanmen Square. A single person showed the world what is really important.

Thinking back in time, we see the “hippy” movement and several other movements that were all designed to promote peace and a better society. Unfortunately, those groups too, just could not get it together to encourage people that didn’t believe in the way they looked, acted or dressed to make the proper change. Instead, the population continued with the mantra of “But the government needs to fix it and make it better”.

Year-after-year, we see how that works out and it is not in the interest of society or for a better future.

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