Ukraine Military Aid Exceeds Costs of Afghanistan

Ukraine Military Aid Exceeds Cost Of Afghanistan

We at VeryGood.Coffee have, from the onslaught, condemned the war efforts of the Russian government. It is senseless and completely unnecessary.

In yet another example of the buffoonery that occupies the White House in Washington D.C., we bring you the staggering revelation of what has the entire world scratching their heads in confusion about why?

But, here we are discussing yet another atrocity from the Biden regime’s money laundering machine. What will never be known is what happened behind closed doors that led Russia to invade Ukraine.

There are a number of post on social media, stating that the Ukraine war has cost the United States more money than the ten-year Afghanistan war and in some respects, it comes close to some of the wars in the Indio-Pacific.

As to be expected from the left leaning nut cases, the “fact checkers” are in full blown dispute mode. “How dare you criticize our hero in the White House,” they lambast.

All of our readers know, we like statistics, and so, like most days, we set about to find some for this writing. In this case, we turned to Statista for the answer we were looking for.

In an article wrote by Martin Armstrong, he points to some sobering statistics. In an effort to keep this writing short, we are just going to quote the entire article that he wrote which can be found here: Ukraine: U.S. Military Aid Exceeds Costs of Afghanistan.

“Ukraine receives the most military aid from the United States: Since the beginning of the war and as of Jan. 15, 2023, $46.6 billion in financial aid for military purposes has flowed to the country now at war with Russia. When calculating the average annual costs (in 2022 prices) of previous wars in which the United States has been involved in, the true magnitude of the country’s Ukraine aid expenditure can be seen. As this infographic shows, the payments to Ukraine have already exceeded the annual military expenditure of the U.S. in the war in Afghanistan from 2001 to 2010. The U.S. military costs in the Vietnam War, the Iraq War and the Korean War were significantly higher – according to calculations by the Kiel Institute for the World Economy as part of its Ukraine Support Tracker.

In the Vietnam and Korean wars, the high usage rate of ammunition and other supplies cost a particularly large amount of money, in addition to the wear and tear of equipment and numerous other assets such as the care of the wounded. Further complicating matters in each case was the great distance to the theater of operations. Although the U.S. maintained a number of bases in Southeast Asia, the large weapons systems and the required replacement components all had to be shipped or flown across the Pacific. In addition, a large fleet of aircraft carriers was always deployed off the coast of Vietnam. The numerous missions of the air force also caused significant costs.

In the U.S., criticism of the scale of military aid to Ukraine is already coming from within the Republican ranks. Some of the U.S. Republicans in Congress have announced that they intend to block aid to Ukraine. Nevertheless, the day after his visit to Kyiv, U.S. President Biden underscored his country’s commitment to continued support of the Ukrainian war effort. Speaking in Warsaw, Poland, he said: “This is not just about freedom in Ukraine. It’s about freedom of democracy in general”.

In addition to the military aid detailed in this infographic, the U.S. has also supplied weapons and equipment worth over $5 billion.”

Mind you, this article was written in February of 2023. It is now September of 2023 and the price tag has ballooned considerably beyond the recognition that it once was. This is to include the dementia ridden White House occupant consistently requesting from congress more money in the billions. It’s our opinion that if dementia boy were given a free check, the amount of money would be in the double-digit trillions.