To Many Positives

To Many Positives

While the title statement seems to be a bit of an oxymoron, in this particular case, it seems that it holds more true than ever before.

You see my fellow readers, for decades, the members of the US Congress, (and many other congresses around the world) have the ability to be lobbied. A single person, group of people’s, an organization, company or a corporation can all lobby Congress for a change – this process is worthy of a different post – that they would like to see in our lives.

This change could be to revise a law that might appear to be outdated and in consequence, it is hurting the population vs helping the population, it could be to create a new law that the lobbyist feel would be beneficial to the population, (although, this is very rarely the case) it could be to give tax breaks to a particular industry; say farming for example, which of course is deserving of tax breaks as they are the ones putting the food on our table in a matter of speaking.

No matter what the cause of the lobbing is, it can have a serious impact on the entire population and most of the time, it is not good. Sadly, most of the lobbing comes from large corporations that have hired professional lobbyist as a full time career.

Think of the sneaky fly guy that is always hiding in the shadows, looking for a chance – opportunity – to have a meeting with this or that congress person in private or in some hallway or over a lavish dinner paid for by the lobbyist, who is getting the money from the corporation that hired them, who in turn is writing the expense off at the end of the year as an operating expense to sway that Congress member that they should spread their cause to the other members of congress and in return, the congress person’s that support the cause magically end up with fat bank accounts.

Yes. That means that you the tax payer are paying for the lobbyist to make laws that do damage to the population as a whole.

The lobbyist that we are going to concentrate on in this article are those from the pharmaceutical manufacturing corporations. Over the course of many decades, it became more and more prevalent for large corporations with immunity to pour millions of dollars into lobbying Congress for whatever it is that they were seeking at the time and without regard to what is best for society.

When one thinks about the all-time greed that has plagued the US, your first thought would probably come to some of the largest ponzi schemes – think Bernie Madoff – known to man, or maybe you remembered the Enron fiasco that cost the US tax payers millions in lost stocks and yes, you the tax payer paid for that one too. But that would be far from the trillions of dollars that the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry has pilferage from a world population.

In our first example, we take a look at the corporation Mylan who acquired the right to market and distribute the EpiPen line of epinephrine auto-injector devices from Merck KGaA in 2007. The EpiPen device is used to save the lives of millions of people every year.

While Merck KGaA was in control of the EpiPen, they sold a box of two auto-injectors for $94. When Mylan took over the marketing and distribution – Mind you, this is a device needed by millions of people – The cost of the same box with the same two auto-injectors now cost $750! That is an increase of 697.87%!

Mylan now knew that they would not be able to sell these auto-injects for the simple fact of, who is going to have the money to buy these!? Not to be dismayed, Mylan knew that millions of children in schools all over the country would need these. So, get the schools to buy them, (again, at the cost of the tax payer) but only if the school would sign a contract stating that the school would not buy the EpiPen from anybody else.

Now think about that for a minute. Take all the time you need to let all of this settle into your brain for processing.

Refresher: Mylan hires and pays for professional lobbyist to lobby for the right to rip off the people. They then lobby all of the schools in the entire country to buy their EpiPen at the cost to the tax payer and then proceed to gouge the absolute hell out of the population, and, of course, the insurance companies have to pay to the insured who are also writing off the loss at the end of the year. You guessed it, at the cost to the tax payers. That is just a small sample of what the pharmaceutical manufacturing companies are doing.

As a side note, I would like to add that Insulin is another drug that is desperately needed by millions of people around the world and it’s price too keeps it out of reach of those that need it the most unless the person has insurance and even at that, the insurance companies will battle about the price, leaving the person that needs it most without.

In the following video, it becomes very clear that not only did the lobbyist fail Mylan, but Congress also failed to stop the gouging.

Now that we have covered the trillions of dollars that is at stake – or should I say the stake holders in the boardroom – for the pharmaceutical companies, lets move on to what this post is about. If you guessed COVID, you would be right. Now think about what kind of opportunity it would be for a pharmaceutical company to make a cure for a world-wide pandemic. You guessed right, trillions upon trillions of dollars.

Think about what a corporation would do for that kind of money, knowing what you know from the above writing. Do you think there would be any end to which they would not lie, kick, steal, rob or just blatantly tell a world population that they are wrong and that the pharmaceutical company is right.

Knowing the fact that we have millions of people wondering around on the street on this planet, robbing and in some cases shooting other people for their tennis shoes, what do you think these pharmaceutical companies would do.

This leads us to the meat of the this conversation.

If a world population were to find out that there was a drug that was already proven to slow the infection rate of a world-wide pandemic, do you not think that the world population would go crazy and demand that the drug be dispensed? Of course we would and there would be nothing (lost control) that the pharmaceutical companies could do about it.

From a pharmaceutical corporations point of view, how do you contain this kind of problem (commonly refereed to “damage control” in the corporate boardroom).

  1. Continue to pump millions of dollars into Congress in an attempt to quill the people by telling them to stay inside, ware a mask, do everything that is harmful to the human body. After all, there is only one doctor in Congress (90% of the rest of them have no clue how to put their underwear on) that I know of, so it wouldn’t be to hard to keep him quite.
  2. Continue to tell Congress that they must spend trillions of dollars on frivolous, non-essential programs while telling the population that they are trying to find a cure.
  3. Create mass panic through all forms of media. The more confused and panicked a populace is, the easier it is to control them.
  4. Discredit any kind of existing drug that could help reduce the spread of COVID, no matter if the drug were 50 years old and proven – as well as dispensed all the time in South East Asia for the treatment of Malaria – to reduce the effects of COVID.
  5. Bring out the movie stars! Make them talk about how the world needs to listen to Congress, the experts, and of course, the pharmaceutical companies hiding in the background.
  6. Last, but not least, bring out the people that run foundations. For surely, they have to know what is best for everyone since they run a foundation that digs holes in the ground, who by the way also stand to make millions.

For the rest of us thinkers, there is a new, ever so growing part of this world population who are sick-to-death of all of the dizzying lies, confusion and the silencing of those who might dare to speak out against an establishment of government that is bought and paid for through the use of lobbying.

Day-after-day, a new headline in some newspaper of some talking potato-head on a TV news station, comes to tell you that “not to worry, everything is under control,” for the exception that two seconds later, that same potato-head is telling you that some COVID testing lab failed to tell the bean counting seat polishers that there were negative test and not all positive test results.

While we are on the subject of bean counters, lets not forget the noble idea that a first year-year PhD student called home to China’s Shanxi province, he heard about the sickness spreading from Wuhan. He had modeled outbreaks as part of his studies before, and he had lived through China’s 2003 outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). Combing the available Chinese statistics, he realized each data point could be a former classmate or neighbor or family member. Hence the John Hopkins University COVID tracking map was born.

It is a great piece of work. There is only one problem from my perspective. The problem is the numbers go in, but they do not go out. If a testing lab were to have an oopsy, (which in my opinion is never acceptable) and count 600,000, over a 1/2 million people as positive, in today’s world of computers, that number of positive results would be included on the map in a matter of seconds. But what happens when the oopsey is discovered? Are the numbers on the map withdrawn?

I have watched this map since February. I have not seen the numbers withdrawn, only added. The problem, big issue now is the fact that world governments are also watching this map on a 24/7 basis. So what does the governments do? Of course, tell their population that the numbers are going up and everybody has to stay home, close all the businesses. In short, more panic, more control, more loss of human dignity and more loss of moral or any hope that this pandemic might come to an end.

Editors note: The John Hopkins covid map stopped collecting data on June 25

To further bolster the effects of the writings above, I have taken a number of screen shots of some of the brave people that have come forward to tell a world population that we are as a population are being lied to, played and more so than ever, our spirits as humans are being crushed while the never end cycle of news continues to keep us enthralled about a virus that nobody knows what to do about and most certainly, they do not want the population to think for themselves.

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