The World’s Friendliest And Safest Country

The World's Friendliest Country

We’ve been getting ask the question “What is the friendliest and Safest country to live in?” a lot lately.  It’s really no surprise to be ask this question multiple times with all of the current upheaval that is taking place on our plant.

So, as we do here, we set out to the research so that you don’t have to, unless of course, you like doing research as much as we do.

For the friendliest countries, rated 1-10, Portugal came in as number one, with The Philippines coming in at number eleven and Thailand coming in at number twenty. With the last two not listed, we decided to put them on the list anyway.

1) Portugal
2) Taiwan
3) Mexico
4) Cambodia
5) Bahrain
6) Costa Rica
7) Oman
8) Colombia
9) Vietnam
10) Canada

For the safest countries, rated 1-10, Iceland came in as number one – That should not be surprising – with Cambodia coming in at number 63, Thailand coming in at number 103, The Philippines coming in at number 125, and Vietnam coming in at number 44. 

1) Iceland
2) New Zealand
3) Ireland
4) Denmark
5) Austria
6) Portugal
7) Slovenia
8) Czech Republic
9) Singapore
10) Japan

Before we carry on with all of this, it should be noted that a country rated unsafe or unfriendly might not necessarily be the case as in a lot of countries around the world, there are areas, or spots, if you will, that are trouble spots and those trouble spots can, and often do hurt a countries reputation.

It is safe to say that these numbers can easily be derived from common indexes, such as violent crime, stable employment, business friendly tax rates, clean housing, food, etc. But many times, you have to look past the indexes to see the true nature of the country itself.

Spending a week in each of the listed countries would be the most ideal – but not doable for most people – as it would let you see with your own eyes the true value of the people that live there as well as the countries stability as a whole.

Numbers, statistics, survey’s and all of the rest of the ways that indexes are created cannot replace what the human eyes and mind can index by itself.

So there is our scientific analysis of what is the friendliest and safest countries to live in if you thinking or are planning a move to one of the countries on the list, as always, we highly recommend spending a lot of time reading about each country before moving anywhere.