The Immigration Crisis

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We written about immigration and asylum seekers before Migration – The Last Frontera, but we haven’t necessitated the need to write about migrant invasion, because, until now, we haven’t needed to. But here we are, just when you thought the bumbling idiot in the White House couldn’t do more damage to the country he is supposed to serve, along comes another hit to the groin.

Former president Obama was quoted as saying “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up.” He certainly was not wrong to say that, but Obama also knew he could count on Joe to be the perfect fools tool to do the bidding that needed to be done after Obama left the White House.

Obama himself also played the part of the perfect fools tool when it came to immigration. He too has a record for importing votes for the democratic party as he too knew without it, the democratic party would suffer in election cycles, be it for congress or the presidency. Then came former president Trump who threw a monkey-wrench into the democratic parties’ plans.

It was obvious for the world to see how they bashed, trashed and attempted to inflict immense degradation to Trump and his families’ life. Between the trash-talk lies, etc, it was a sham. To which, as truth always seems to have a funny way of making itself come to the surface for all to see, and this case is no different; all of that garbage is now in the open for everyone to plainly see.

But long before the Obama’s and Trump’s, there was another large problem brewing over the decades that was largely ignored, till things started getting out of control.

As media is and does, it is a great tool to bring major issues to the spotlight. Sadly, until there is a “shocking” headline, the masses have a tendency to just pass through life with their heads buried in the sand. A case-in-point would be the Vietnam war. It was not until the horrid images on the war captured by photographers in the streets of Saigon, did the world truly know what was actually going on over there. It was a shocking sight for Americans, who had been assured by President Lyndon B. Johnson and his top general in Vietnam, William C. Westmoreland, that the enemy was on its last legs.

On July 1, 2015, when Jose Ines Garcia Zarate (a homeless, undocumented Mexican immigrant) shot and killed Kate Steinle while she was walking along a San Francisco pier arm-in-arm with her father, the world would once again become entrenched in the fact that there was a serious problem that needed to be addressed and, as usual, the politicians would jump on the TV as fast as possible to state that it was “OK.”

In 2017, a jury in San Francisco has found Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, not guilty of murder in the death of 32-year-old Kate Steinle, in a case that became a flashpoint in the national debate on illegal immigration.

As always, nothing was done about it. The politicians squawked, the sneaky lawyers walked away without ramifications and life went on; except for Kate and her father.

In the time since then, the degradation of society has continued to worsen, the politicians have continued to squawk, banging on a different drum, singing a different tune, depending on what the issue of the day might be. As well, the murders have not only continued, they multiplied ten-fold. But hey! We have the internet now, so lets bury our heads in the sand to ignore the problem.

On almost a daily basis, the headlines will read “illegal murders family.”

Kate’s Law provides a mandatory minimum sentence of five years for individuals who illegally reenter the United States after having been convicted of an aggravated felony.

After the murder of Kate Steinle, Senator Ted Cruz and Matt Salmon introduced Kate’s Law. In July 2015, the House passed another second measure entitled “No Sanctuary for Criminals Act,” which proposed cutting federal grants to state and “sanctuary cities” that refuse to cooperate with law enforcement who are tasked with enforcing immigration laws. In July 2016, a Senate version of Kate’s Law was passed, filibustered, but no supermajority existed to defeat the filibuster. On June 23, 2017, Representative Bob Goodlatte reintroduced two bills, Kate’s Law and an anti-sanctuary city policy, was passed on June 29 and proceeded to be heard by the Senate.

The bill increases the maximum prison term for people who have previously been deported and reenter the United States after having committed a particular type of crime. A maximum prison term is the amount of time for which individuals can be charged with a crime. Kate’s Law applies regardless of the circumstances or nature of the person’s prior offenses or the person’s reasons for being in the United States. There are several other important elements of Kate’s law, which include the following details:

Kate’s Law provides a 10-year sentence for terrorists who have been deported and later returned to the United States. This 10-year period is added onto any other amount of time to which the person is sentenced.
There is a mandatory minimum sentence of five years in prison for individuals who have been convicted of illegal reentry twice before. Additionally, individuals who are convicted three times will likely receive an even higher sentence.

Kate’s Law provides a mandatory minimum sentence of five years for individuals who illegally reenter the United States after having been convicted of an aggravated felony. An aggravated felony includes many different types of illegal activity.

Again. While the politicians squawked, it did nothing to solve a serious problem. They will say “we need to find the root of the problem,” while ignoring – and telling you to ignore – a life fact. Criminals do not care about laws, judges or the police, they are criminals! If they came to the United States illegally, that automatically makes them a criminal. “Illegal.”

Illegal immigration is often portrayed as a victimless crime or is downplayed by asserting that most charges are for non-violent crimes. This simplistic approach shows a callousness towards the victims of crimes perpetrated by some unlawfully present foreign nationals and ignores the real threat posed by criminal illegal aliens. While it is true that most of the approximately 16.8 million illegal aliens in the US do not commit serious crimes (e.g. murder, rape, or assault), providing those who do with protection provided by sanctuary policies or blanket amnesty can have fatal consequences. It is important to remember that a crime committed by an illegal alien is a preventable crime.

The following cases may not represent the general illegal alien population, but they demonstrate the value of strong borders and underscore why illegal immigration remains a public safety concern. The information is gathered from various credible news sources and publicly-accessible official sources. The crimes do not include terrorist actions, but deal with crimes of a serious nature, such as homicide or manslaughter, rape or sexual crimes, assault on law enforcement, or sexual crimes related to minors. It is important to note the following involve charges or convictions for crimes committed by foreign nationals illegally in the country. View the video stories of those lives stolen by illegal alien crime.

September, 2023

In early September, Honduran national Carlos Corrales-Ramirez allegedly stabbed Jario Hernandez-Sanchez to death in Troy, New York (Rensselaer County). The motive remains unclear at this time. According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Corrales-Ramirez had been taken into custody by the US Border Patrol in March 2023 near the Canadian border in Clinton County, New York. During processing it emerged that he was wanted in Maryland for a February stabbing in Laurel, where he injured a Hispanic man at a 7-Eleven store in front of which Corrales-Ramirez regularly stood and begged for money. He was free and had the opportunity to stab an individual in New York state due to paperwork delays in Maryland.

August, 2023

On August 22, Haitian national Hermanio Joseph allegedly struck a school bus in Clark County, Ohio, causing the school bus to crash and flip over. This resulted in the death of 11-year-old Aiden Clark. The illegal alien showed up at the US-Mexico border in August 2022 and was simply released after being given a Notice to Appear (NTA) in immigration court.

In late August, police in Loudoun County, Virginia, arrested Brandon Estrada de Leon, an illegal alien who overstayed a B-2 tourist visa, for allegedly harboring and abducting a teenager he had raped repeatedly during the course of the year.

On August 19, Nicaraguan national Yacarely Diaz-Castro was allegedly driving while intoxicated and without a license in Chesapeake, Virginia. She struck a local police officer who had pulled over another vehicle. The officer suffered skull and vertebrae fractures with “permanent and significant impairment.” At the time of the incident, it was reported that Diaz-Castro had been in the US for seven months, and had been released into the country at the Southwest border via parole with a “Notice to Report.”

Venezuelan national Daniel Hernandez Martinez arrived in New York City on June 27, not long after entering the country illegally. He allegedly immediately embarked upon a crime spree and would go on to be arrested 6 times for 14 different crimes spread out over a two-month period. On June 28, he robbed a Costco store and was subsequently released without having to pay bail due to the city’s bail reform laws. A week later, he robbed a Duane Reade store in Manhattan and allegedly attempted to stab a security guard with a large knife at another Duane Reade. Once again, he was released without paying bail. On July 31, the illegal alien allegedly attacked an independent journalist who was just finishing up an interview with him with a bicycle tire. He fled but was later arrested. Less than a month later, the Venezuelan national was apprehended after allegedly violently attacking a woman. Martinez grabbed the woman’s hair, dragged her across the ground, and kicked her while destroying her phone. Although he was charged with assault, criminal mischief, possession of a weapon, and menacing, Martinez once again avoided serious consequences and was granted supervised release from jail. Three days later he was detained for threatening to assault a stranger with a chain. Several days later, when he was arrested for stealing bicycles, Martinez requested medical attention. As a police officer was attempting to change his handcuffs, Martinez attacked the officer by kicking him and stomping on his feet, an attack which sent him to Riker’s Island jail.

In mid-August, Guatemalan national Juan Carlos Garcia Rodriguez allegedly raped and strangled 11-year-old Maria Gonzalez in Pasadena, Texas. He then stuffed the child’s body into a laundry basket, which he then hid under her bed. Garcia Rodriguez arrived at the Southwest border in January 2023 and, because he was 17 at the time, was released into the US interior by the Biden administration as an Unaccompanied Alien Child (UAC) to an adult sponsor in Shreveport, Louisiana.

In August, a national of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kindu Jeancy, allegedly restrained and sexually assaulted a woman in a hotel room in Cheektowaga, New York. Jeancy had previously crossed the Southwest border, asked for asylum, and been bused to Cheektowaga. The victim was an employee of Platinum Community Care, one of the companies in charge of assisting migrants arriving in Erie County. During a press conference, Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz (D) and Cheektowaga Police Chief Brian Gould suggested that DocGo, the medical company that was awarded a $400 million contract by NY mayor Adams to bus migrants of New York City, attempted to obstruct the investigation into the sexual assault case. Poloncarz, previously a supporter of Mayor Adam’s policy of busing migrants out of NYC to other cities changed his mind as result of the assault and called for Adams to stop the busing.

On August 2, Venezuelan national Jesus D. Guzman Bermudez allegedly raped a woman in a hotel room in Cheektowaga, New York, in front of her three-year-old son. It is unclear exactly when Guzman Bermudez crossed into the US, but he was one of approximately 500 illegal migrants bused into Erie County by New York Mayor Eric Adams. Erie County District Attorney John Flynn(D) minimized the crime by claiming that the alleged rapist and victim are “definitely some type of couple” and “clearly knew one another,” callously downplaying the plight of the alleged victim in an attempt to defend the busing of illegal aliens to the county.

On August 2, ICE officers apprehended an unnamed Nigerian illegal alien with a long history of sexual assaults in Lanham, Maryland. The ICE press release explains that “the Nigerian citizen lawfully entered the United States as a nonimmigrant on July 24, 2015, but later violated the terms of his admission.” On December 20, 2017, he was arrested in Prince George’s County (Maryland) for first and second-degree rape against a minor and again on February 7, 2019, for sex crimes against the same minor. The Circuit Court for Prince George’s County in Upper Marlboro gave the illegal alien a 20-year sentence. However, he did not have to spend one day in jail because 15 years were suspended, while the remaining 5 consisted of supervised probation. Another 10-year sentence had all 10 years suspended while he again received 5 years of supervised probation. Not surprisingly, such lenient treatment did not deter further crimes. It was reported that, the Prince George’s County Police Department again arrested and charged him with the crimes of sex offense third degree; assault second degree; and sex offense fourth degree/sex contact against another Maryland female on Sept 25, 2021. On March 25, 2022, the District Court for Prince George’s County in Upper Marlboro ordered charges against him to be marked as “stet,” which meant making them inactive (i.e., non-prosecutable) if the illegal alien abides by the conditions of the stet.

On August 1, Guatemalan national Alvaro Gomez-Lopez was taken into custody by the Lancaster County (Nebraska) Sheriff’s Office for allegedly starving and sexually abusing his 17-year-old daughter. According to a Facebook post by the Sheriff’s Office, Gomez-Lopez, who had apparently entered the US illegally around February 2023 as a so-called “gotaway,” had made arrangements with human-smuggling drug cartels for his daughter to be illegally brought into the United States from Guatemala and transported to him without her consent. Since arriving at the home in Lancaster County around July 16th, 2023, Gomez-Lopez had allegedly forced the victim to work inside and outside of the home to repay the debt incurred for the transportation. The victim also reported that food had been withheld from her for five days prior to contact with Sheriff’s Deputies. The investigation also revealed that the victim was subjected to sexual contact by Gomez-Lopez.

On August 1, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) announced the results of a nationwide sting called Operation Cross Country XIII targeting those suspected of child sexual exploitation or human trafficking. In Bay County, Florida, the operation netted 19 arrests, of which 7 were illegal aliens, including a B-2 tourist and J-1 exchange visitor visa overstayer: Jesus Rangel De La Cruz, Nery Antonio Bonilla Galvez, Shemar Pearson, Jose Arizmendi, Carlos Mejia Ruiz, all for soliciting and traveling to meet a minor for sex, Robinson Andres Mancheno Monar (traveling to meet a minor for sex), and Flavio Cruz (possession of child pornography). (Breitbart News, August 2, 2023)

July, 2023

On July 26, in Portland, Oregon, illegal alien Juan Gonzales-Silvia allegedly shot and killed his girlfriend, subsequently fleeing the area. On July 31, he was arrested after a police chase in Callaway County, Missouri. He was driving a stolen vehicle and was caught with an illegal firearm and 89 pills of the deadly drug Fentanyl in the car.

On July 25, Cruz Garcia allegedly raped a woman while strangling her, nearly suffocating the victim to death, in Delaware County, New York. He had the opportunity to allegedly commit the rape because, rather than being handed over to ICE and deported, Garcia had been released from Orange County jail two months before after being charged with drunk and unlicensed driving.

June, 2023

On June 22, police in Franklin, Tennessee, arrested 63-year-old Mexican national Camilo Hurtado Campos for allegedly drugging and raping at least ten boys between the ages of 9 and 17 whom he had invited into his home over the course of possibly as long as a decade, according to police. He was taken into custody after accidentally leaving his phone at a local pizza shop, leading employees to discover disturbing content. Hurtado Campos was a popular soccer coach in Franklin and had apparently lived in the US illegally for 20 years. He had previously been arrested for public intoxication in 2005 and three times for driving without a license in 2006, 2015 and 2016. Mystery also surrounds the question of how the illegal alien managed to become a referee with the US Soccer Federation, which would have required a background check.

On June 15, West Springfield Police arrested Honduran national Hyrum Baquedano Rodriguez, 24, in Fairfax County, Virginia, for allegedly breaking into an apartment, burglarizing it, and attempting to kidnap a 4-year-old girl. Baquedano Rodriguez first entered the US illegally in August 2018 in the area of Yuma, Arizona. According to the news reports, he was transferred to Eloy, Arizona, days later, after being given a Notice to Appear (NTA) in immigration court. A federal immigration judge then issued a $15,000 bail for Rodriguez. Months later, in January 2019, he bailed out of federal custody. ICE filed detainers for Baquedano Rodriguez four times in November 2021, July 2022, November 2022, and February 2023 but these were ignored each time by Fairfax County on the grounds of its “sanctuary” status. The agency has once again submitted a detainer following the June arrest.

On June 10, Julio Velazquez picked up a woman (who believed him to be a taxicab driver) from a nightclub in Fort Myers, Florida, and drove her to a secluded location where he allegedly brutally raped her. The illegal alien punched her in the head repeatedly causing her to lose consciousness for a period of time and then strangled and threatened to kill her. She eventually managed to escape. Velazquez arrived illegally in the US sometime in 2021 and had no previous record in Florida.

May, 2023

On May 21, Venezuelan national Eddy Jose Ortega Alvarado allegedly murdered Honduran migrant Carmen Unilda Navas Zuniga and stole her money in El Paso, Texas, only one day after being released into the country by DHS. The Venezuelan man and Honduran woman crossed the border illegally together and ended up in a motel room, where Ortega Alvarado allegedly killed her. The illegal alien then fled to the Dallas/Fort Worth area, but was apprehended.

On May 20, 21-year-old Mexican national Lucia Garcia allegedly placed her newborn baby in the trash after giving birth in the bathroom at Staten Island University Hospital in New York. She inexplicably claimed that she assumed it was just blood. The baby was hospitalized after staff heard cries and the illegal alien woman was arrested. The Mexican citizen arrived in the US illegally in July 2022 to join her father, who had been living in New York City for approximately 4 years, after which she applied for asylum.

On May 19, Guatemalan national Virjilio Aguilar Mendez, 18, allegedly killed St. Johns County, Florida, police officer Sgt. Michael Kunovich, who left behind two sons. According to news reports, Kunovich lawfully attempted to pat down Mendez while he was sitting outside of a closed business. Mendez, instead of complying, tried to flee from Kunovich. When other officers got involved, Mendez continued resisting. Eventually, Kunovich was on the ground in a struggle with Mendez who attempted to grab the officer’s taser. The struggle lasted for more than six minutes. Afterward, Mendez was handcuffed but pulled out a pocketknife which was quickly taken from him. Following the struggle with Mendez, Kunovich collapsed on the ground. First responders administered lifesaving measures, but he was pronounced dead after being rushed to a nearby hospital.

On May 16, Salvadoran national Jose Roberto Hernandez Espinal, 20, allegedly robbed two women at a trail in Montgomery County, Maryland, as they were having lunch. After threatening them with a machete, he raped one of the women. According to police, the illegal alien had also raped a 15-year-old girl along the same trail several days before. He first entered the US unlawfully in May 2013 with his father and, in September 2014, was ordered removed for missing his immigration court hearing (he filed to reopen the case in 2022). At one point, he served a sentence for an armed robbery involving second-degree assault, but sanctuary Prince George’s County released him and ignored an ICE detainer. In February 2023, he was arrested for malicious destruction, but thanks to local sanctuary policies, he was once again released into the community, free to further scale up his criminal activities.

On May 13, Honduran national Grevi Geovani Rivera Zavala allegedly forced a teenage girl into a restaurant bathroom stall and raped her in Prattville, Alabama. Rivera Zavala already had a criminal record in his native Honduras when he arrived at the US border in November 2021, using a fake name. He was released and headed to Alabama, where he proceeded to work unlawfully in construction.

On May 9, Guatemalan national Elmer Bryan Giron-Canil, who was driving without a license, allegedly caused a crash which resulted in several injuries and the deaths of two people. This included a high-school student driving the pickup truck into which he crashed and 4 passengers in his own vehicle in Polk County, Florida.

On May 9, Venezuelan national Elvis Diaz Betancourt allegedly stabbed another Venezuelan migrant, with whom he was living in a migrant shelter in Chicago, during a fight in Pritzker Park. The victim was stabbed so deeply that he claimed he could see his organs. After the first blow, Diaz Betancourt appeared intent on stabbing his fellow Venezuelan again but fled. The illegal alien had arrived in Chicago around January of 2023, possibly on a migrant bus.

This list just goes on and on…

But what about the ones that do get sent to prison? Well, the “cost” continues to mount. The cost of the life that was destroyed by the alien and the cost of police, boarder patrol, courts that are already clogged beyond comprehension, but now comes the cost of prison.

Remembering that all of the “social” programs were funded by the government, which in turn are funded by the tax payers.

So the tax payers fund the programs to help illegal immigrates so the illegal immigrates can rape and murder the very same person who is funding all of it.

Housing illegal inmates in detention centers or prison cost $106,333.00 per inmate and there are 300,000 inmates, totaling $31,899,900,000 (That’s THIRTY-ONE BILLION) annually spent.

Cost Of Housing Illegal Immigrants In Prison