Suppressing The Opponent

Chess Pieces On A Chess Board

Well boys-n-girls, what strange times we live in.

We no longer have political systems that were designed for the benefit of the people in the country they “serve,” we have children crying boo-hoo from the roof-tops, to opponents jailing each other.

So who’s the winner in all of this?

It most certainly is not the people.

I’ve written many times about different political parties and the shear malice that they have performed on the people they are supposed to serve, but this one takes the cake.

In the United States, you have a two party system, one believes in low taxes, free enterprise and the right of prosperity. The other party believes that you need to serve the government and in return, you are awarded social prizes (after the politicians involved get their cut of course).

What we have in today’s society is a complete lack of moral on both sides, as the lobbyist pump billions of dollars in their chosen political party, to sway a politician and/or political party into passing laws that would only serve the lobbyist ideological wants for the corporation in which they serve.

Before anyone wants to jump on the bandwagon about this person is a mean tweeter or that person slept with a hooker thirty-five years ago, take a step back to realize that this writing is not about one person or the other, this writing is centralized on the ideology of jailing an opponent because that is the only way you’d be able to win.

Both Democrats and Republicans are well known and well documented for having slept with hookers and there are more cases of a politician cheating on their wife than one wants to know about. Bill Clinton, Martin Luther King, jr. The Kennedy family in particular was a mess!

But the one that takes the grand prize is Bill Clinton getting sucked-off in the oval office where the nations business is done. I guess they never taught him in school to go get a room somewhere else, besides the White House.

As always, history is the greatest teacher. Want to know how someone is going to act in society, don’t bother turning the “professors” who are paid to make their own skewed version of history the word of God, no, crack open a couple of books, it’s all there, in black-n-white.

In today’s lesson, through-out history, there have been uncountable times where a king, ruler, dictator, etc has had their opponent jailed in an attempt to silence them for political/social gain. This case is no different.

What is striking about this case, is the made up charges and the courts blatant overreach of judicial power to follow a narrative that was conceived by the people on the other side of the political isle.

For the average 9-to-5 person just trying to make enough money to pay for their rent, much less food and utilities, this weighs heavy on their minds. Thinking that if you have an opposing view or one party or the other means that you could be jailed is nothing short of slavery of the masses.