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Excessive Advertising

In the world of digital print, we all have visited lots of web sites looking for information on how to do this or do that.

No matter what the web site is or where/how you found it, you came to it looking for an answer to a question that you have, it could be a question about how to rebuild an alternator in your car to what’s the best way to cook rice to what’s the best plug-in to use on a WordPress site.

No matter what the question is, you came there seeking an helpful answer or at least some kind of hint that will let you carry on with whatever activity led you to look on the internet for an answer to start with.

And then…
Click Click Click Click Click!

To get through all of the:

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* We use cookies.
* We follow GDPR compliance.
* etc, etc.

The bottom line is, you came to that web site looking for a helpful answer and not to have to click your way through this labyrinth maze of, and sometimes, daunting pop-ups, fly-out’s, etc just to be able to get to the meat of the article that you came there for in the first place.

This is especially true if you are on a mobile device. You’re left with the feeling of “nobody has time for this”.

While I do whole subscribe to attracting future visitors and displaying ads that might catch the attention of some, just getting to that point can be will make you want to give up and move on to another site.

This is very frustrating to say to least as it also reflects on other web sites that are only there to help someone that is in need of an answer.

There are some sites that do very well with advertising and there are v-loggers, bloggers, etc that have huge followings and actually do make some money while doing it. I think this is great and it is nice to see that people have found a nice market for those followers.

An article that I read the other day showcased a v-logger. In the article, the v-logger explains that she gets this amount of money for this article that was only viewed 11,000 times, but got less money for an article that was viewed over four million times. In her explanation, she states that she was placing advertising at the wrong points in her article that she posted and it cost her a lot of money because of it.

This leads me back to my original point. You can have advertisements on your web site that are fruit bearing while still be very tactful about it.

As for the site in the picture above. It is a site that I visit several times a month and have found the content to be very helpful from time to time, but I do not like having to click through all of the garbage to get to the content.