Silence Of The Free Speak. A New Modern World

Silence Of The Free Speak

Within the last few decades, the world population has never witnessed such an endeavor by world governments to silence it’s people since the Marxist governments of the past. In today’s society, with millions of young “millennial’s” not having a clue about history and more importantly, the feeling by them that history is a bore or only applicable to the old as cherished memories.

Dating back to the Nixon, Clinton, Bush, Obama and now the Biden years, it has never been so evident that absolute control of complete populations is so critical to governments.

But why?

In the Marxist years, it was more about control to insure that a government could force labor from it’s people.

Fast forward to the introduction of Facebook, Twitter, etc, that control is a gold mine for governments to force their people to do what they want through the use of fear that a person would suffer long lasting damage to a social or financial status, or intimidation by a government appointed agency. For example, the treat of jail if you do not pay your taxes.

This was on full display during the Obama years when he came up with the ingenious idea of Obamacare. An absurd 10,000 page piece of legislation that was sure to make anyone’s head spin. As we all saw, despite the smiling silver toothed speeches, thousands of doctors lost their practice, millions lost their existing health insurance and were now under the treat of IRS that if they did not pay the government, they would be fined and eventually jailed.

For the millions of people that did not make enough money to pay, but were making just a little to much to receive government assistance, they were stuck in a catch-22, still having to file taxes, they were receiving an outstanding bill, demand of payment from the IRS.

What about some of the others that were no more innocent? There is the four dead at Kent State, Ohio indecent. An increasingly frustrated president with the public’s opinion, sent the national guard to the university to put an end to a student strike. Twenty-eight National Guard soldiers fired approximately 67 rounds over a period of 13 seconds, killing four students and wounding nine others. The student strike of 1970 further affected public opinion at an already socially contentious time over the role of the United States in the Vietnam War.

These same incidents have happened in Tiananmen Square and countless others. Even as we speak today, China is still silencing it’s people, with it never being more evident as with the corona virus outbreak.

We now live in a society where messages, thoughts, opinions and expressions are instantaneous, an absolute gold mine for advertisers. News outlets run most of the their headlines to include screen shots of what might have been said on social media – namely Twitter – as a sort of authentication to whatever they are attempting to get you to believe is the gospel.

George Orwell, Malcolm X and numerous others began to warn the worlds population decades ago that this was coming and it is now here.

A population drunk on self indulgence and instant satisfaction.