Rule 34

Rule 34

I received a friends request on social media the other day.

As always – and like most people – I went to look at their profile.

Why would I do that?

Well, it’s simple. Pretty much anyone that is on the internet in today’s world wants to know if it’s a real person or not. Some people just click the accept button because they see a pretty face, not knowing or caring if the person is real or not.

In this case, it was a busty Asian woman. Being the curious person I am, I downloaded the profile picture and headed over to Google to upload the picture to find out if there is any information about the person.

There was…

There was a lot of information about the image that I submitted to Google. Matter of fact, there was so much information that I found myself quickly being sucked into the proverbial rabbit hole of endless internet, which in today’s world, is not hard to do.

As it turned-out, this picture was AI generated, along with a thousand variations of the same image all the way to a full list of porn that this person was supposedly involved with.

But no, it was just a picture that had been used to submit to a AI porn generator and trust me when I say, there are no special skills, software or computer equipment needed to make the image that I was looking at.

There are literally a dozen or more websites that are right before our eyes that will let you submit an image, pick from a smorgasbord of options (hair color, legs, butt, facial features, etc. Did I mention, boobs as well?)

Just for reference, the woman in this image is a fashion model in Japan, not a porn star. Albeit a very pretty woman, she is not busty.

So what is Rule 34?  Rule34 states “If it exists there is porn of it.”

The phrase “Rule 34” was coined from an August 13, 2003 web-comic captioned, “Rule #34 If it exists, there is porn of it. No exceptions.” The comic was drawn by TangoStari (Peter Morley-Souter) to depict his shock at seeing Calvin and Hobbes parody porn. Although the comic faded into obscurity, the caption instantly became popular on the Internet. Since then, the phrase has been adapted into different syntactic versions and has even been used as a verb.

Like everything in our society as a whole, if there is degradation to be had, a large portion of the same society will stab themselves in the face to beat the next person to it, or simply put, they will race to be the first one to the degradation finish line. Sadly, this can also be attributed to a large number of other things in society.

The more destructive and damaging that they can be, the more they will take pleasure in it, while frothing at the mouth, they have no thought or conscious about any damage that might be caused by what they are doing and it doesn’t matter to them who might be the unintentional – or intention – victim.

AI has been around for a long time, but has exploded in recent years due to all of the media hype and some enterprising folks who sat in their chair thinking “we can make a lot of money from this.”

“You call it a monopoly; I call it enterprise.” – John D Rockefeller (Nov, 1906)

As with all things internet, AI is/was no exception, it exploded in use, fans and of course; as I’ve stated before, it’s being used to create malware of all shapes, sizes and now, mutating malware. Guess the smart creators were not smart enough to think about preventing malware or porn.

A large portion of our society is fake. You read that right and it only takes looking out of your home or car window to see it. Fake nails, fake hair, fake rich person, fake thoughts, fake society, (they call it social media) fake everything, yes, that means fake boobs, butts and anything else you want to add to that list.

In my case, it was a fake profile.

As a matter of fact, it’s become so hard to discern the real from the fake, that it has literally put society as a whole on edge about what to and not to believe.  Something that most people do not think about is children. We see them as fun loving, happy kids, not effected by the derangement of adult society. Again, here comes AI to the rescue to make sure the dangers and damages to kids are not left out.

As I stated many times in my writings, when you think about what a hacker looks like, I’m sure your first thought is that of some guy sitting in a dark room with a hoodie on, taking a personal interest in you.

What people think a hacker looks like

The reality is, hackers come in all flavors and can look like anybody from a housewife to a college student.

What a hacker can actually look like

With today’s hackers, (crackers) it’s no longer a “personal interest” in one person or the other, it’s a full fledged business. Literally, they have a complete corporate structure and it is solely about money. They do not give a shit about you or the next person, they want money. End of story.

When speaking about cracking, a recent study it’s interesting to note what the average person on the street thinks about when it comes to the question “what worries you most about your data being put on the internet for everyone to see.”

What worries you the most about deep fakes

There have been a lot of case studies about this subject, but as one can easily come to imagine, society as a whole is “to busy” posting the latest video to TickTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the dozens of other not so social media websites.

As mentioned above, we live in a fake society. The woman in the following picture found out just how fake it can be and will now and forever more be plagued by what has happened to her. Was it her fault?  You can say “yes” or “no.” Both are correct answers. You see, while she – and millions of others – do not deserve the shamming she has to live with, I’m sure if you dug deep into her media postings, you will find that she has/had posted sexy pictures at one time or another and I’m sure someone said something about them, to which she replied about that person being a pig or something else that caused the shamming trigger.

Woman finds out that her face was used for porn

And, lets not forget, as with all things physiological, there is also greed that can and most of the time, create the perfect drama shit-show storm for the mostly fake news outlets to squawk about, only to find out later that it was not true, issuing no apology.

Mom accused of altering images of daughters teammate
Earlier this year, a sordid story broke about a Pennsylvania mom who allegedly created deepfakes to frame her daughter’s cheerleading rivals. It had all the hallmarks of a juicy, viral story of the modern world: sex, drugs, and the dark implications of a rapidly advancing technology. In fact, it almost seemed too salacious to be true… and that’s because it probably was.

In closing, I just want all of my readers to think about what is their private life worth. Is it worth the heartache and headache to spend years fixing a bad situation like the women above and, only to find out that “once it’s been posted, it’s on 10,000 servers, never to be deleted.”

What’s real?  What’s fake?

The truth is Rule 34. If it exist, there is porn of it.

And from what I’ve seen, there is an incalculable amount of it.