Remembering Corregidor


The Philippines is more than heavenly beaches and breathtaking natural attractions. This Southeast Asian nation, an archipelago comprising 7,107 islands, is one of the countries in the world brimming with a rich historical past. It has undergone centuries of colonialism before finally achieving a complete independence in 1945.

Refer to a Philippine travel guide and it will likely advise would-be tourists to pay a visit to Corregidor to get a glimpse of the country’s past. Also known as “The Rock,” Corregidor served as an important fortress for the Allied Forces during World War II. The cannons in this island have long been silent but they remain a loud reminder of the pride, valor, and courage of Filipino and American soldiers who offered their lives for the greater honor of the country.

Today, Corregidor is one of the major travel destinations in the Philippines. Daily trips are arranged to help local and foreign tourists learn more about this historic island, which is situated about 48 kilometers west of Manila. Accommodations that suit your budget and preference are available at a hotel on the island. These developments are a big boost to attract more visitors to Corregidor.

Get yourself comfortable for you are about to read about the notable attractions in Corregidor.

Pacific War Memorial

The Pacific War Memorial was built as a tribute to the great Filipino and American soldiers who fought in World War II. Completed in 1968, the memorial hosts a museum wherein photographs and artifacts related to the Pacific War are on display. To help visitors better appreciate Corregidor, documentary films about the island and wartime events are shown to the public.

Malinta Tunnel

A major attraction in Corregidor is the Malinta Tunnel. Built by the United States Army Corps of Engineers, the tunnel measures 253 meters long, 7.3 meters wide, and 5.5 meters high. During the Battle of Corregidor, the Malinta Tunnel was used as headquarters of General Douglas MacArthur and the USAFFE. For a thrilling experience, join a night tour of the tunnel that is offered to tourists who stay overnight on the island.

Battery Way

A visit to Corregidor is never complete without visiting the Battery Way. It is composed of four 12-inch mortars that can fire in any direction. The battery, whose construction started in 1904 and completed ten years later, was not used until the latter part of the Siege of Corregidor. It plays a significant role in driving attacking Japanese soldiers away from the island.

Mile-Long Barracks

The Mile-Long Barracks served as a harrowing reminder of the World War II. This three-story concrete building housed over 2,000 American officers and enlisted personnel and served as headquarters of MacArthur. Measuring more than 460 meters long, the building is said to be the longest barracks in the world. It was heavily damaged during the capture and liberation of Corregidor.

Spanish Lighthouse

After an emotional trip down memory lanes, take a breather at the old Spanish lighthouse that is standing proudly at the highest point of Corregidor. Towering 628 feet above sea level, the parolaprovides a fascinating view of the Manila Bay, the South China Sea, and the nearby provinces of Cavite and Bataan.