Tree In The Middle Of A Lake At Twilight

Do people who create or promote civil unrest ever spend time thinking about what it would be like in a peaceful world?

What happens after they have accomplished their civil unrest? Do they then stop to think about their accomplishments, feel good about them?


I often ask myself, how do you stop such unrest. The unrest that has been mainstream for centuries, dating back to before Christ.

Having lived on this planet for a very long time, I cannot say that I can remember a time that I was in the forest and happen to meet someone or a group of people that cause civil unrest enjoying a peaceful Sunday afternoon.

John Lennon once sung a song about peace. I can only imagine that he had envisioned a world where greed and power had no place in a civil society.

We have to ask ourselves, what is the trigger behind the thoughts that cause a person(s) to be wound-up in such turmoil that they would lash out at a society for what ales them.

I can only assume that this subject is turmoil of a psychiatrist; knowing the chemistry of the brain, feeling the pain of those that have come before them to speak and as the rest of us, looking out of their window to wonder; to ask, “where is the miracle needed?”