Oh The Humanity


Humans habitually have horrible hegemonic habits, homicide, homophobia, hostilities, homelessness.

Habitats hastily heisted, hallucinogenic hysteria, hedonistic histories,
harbingers harnessing Hades’ hellish havoc’s, hideous hateful holocausts.

I’ve touched on this subject in the past, but thought that I would bring it back to life; in light of the current state of our planet.

As we all know, we have governments that are completely out of control, much less anything that could resemble the true reality of human life. As well as the government(s) as a whole, there are the politicians that reside in, and as part of these governments. Those politicians too have transformed into something of a Nutria, all the while spending uncountable amounts of money that rightfully belong to the people that work for it.

In this line of thinking, we turn our attention of the endless wars that have plagued this planet since the beginning of history being recorded.

While I could go on and on with a list of those wars, some lasting over 630 years, I’m sure that the reader of this post would tire after the first 30 of them.

In a disingenuous way, the simplest fix would be to do away with 80% of all politicians. It might seems like that is an anti-government statement, but the reality is, governments create havoc.

Like a street gang would fight over the exclusive rights to sell their drugs on a particular street corner, governments too are all to eager to fight and die for a patch of land, without long term thought of how it might look and feel to rule over the ashes that have been created, they will say “we’ll just send foreign aid.” Surely, that will fix the problem while convincing the population that the politicians have everyone’s best interest in mind.

Sadly, it has never worked and never will.