Night Moves – Bypassing Congress

US Capitol Building At Night

We at VeryGood.Coffee typically do not like to get into politics as we would like to keep the writings of all to more pleasant subjects. As of late though, as our reads have seen, we’ve been writing a lot about politics and the state of the world as a whole, starting with the pandemic, moving forward, politics have continuously bombarded the lives of everyone on the planet.

In yet another writing, we find ourselves talking about the dirty side of politics. As we wrote before about the crime family mentality of some of those politicians Crime Family, IncFollowing The Money and But Hey! It’s What You Wanted. Why are you unhappy?, it’s not hard to picture what really goes on behind closed doors; much of which has been brought to public light in the last few years, also about the time that the pandemic started. Imagine that.

In today’s writing, we bring you the Joe Bama effect. While Joe Biden was Barack Obama’s vice present, they didn’t always see eye-to-eye as the whinny senator, turned VP has always wanted to show the world how brilliant he is and how he is the world’s hero by saving everyone from the dragon that is going to slay us. One can only conclude that he had a different childhood than most of us did. aka, rode the short bus.

The reason we are calling it the Joe Bama effect is the revelations of much similarities that have transpired in Joe Biden’s three years in office. Most notably would be the executive orders that have been signed by Joe Biden, with Barack Obama right by his side to ensure that Obama’s “legacy” does not get thrown into the dumpster. ObamaCare would be one such catastrophe to mention.

You didn’t hear about that one?  Imagine that.  It is an executive order that makes it much harder, if not impossible (many more years of court battles) to get that gross fraud dismantled and put into the dumpster once and for all.

One of the most common presidential documents in our modern government is an executive order. Every American president has issued at least one, totaling more than 40,731 since George Washington took office in 1789.

Media reports of “changes made by executive order,” or “executive orders to come” rarely explain what the document is, or other technical details, such as why, or how. They seem to be “instant law,” and, at times, steeped in controversy.

Executive orders are not legislation!  They require no approval from Congress, and Congress cannot simply overturn them. Congress may pass legislation that might make it difficult, or even impossible, to carry out the order, such as removing funding. Only a sitting US President may overturn an existing executive order by issuing another executive order to that effect.

What else has the “baby Joey” been up to while trying to replicate the “with stroke of a pen” master that he is trying to be as popular as, but has found out that his name is not Barack Obama.

Well, much like Obama, immigration sure has reared it’s ugly head from day one. Unlike Obama, baby Joey has attempted to ride the coat-tails of his predecessors by shouting “it’s Trump’s fault.” Unfortunately, it’s not working and has created an unbelievably giant world-wide mess.

The root of the issue is ignored, while attempting to con the American people that he is doing so much more than anyone in history to fix the boarder crisis. It’s obviously not the truth, nor has anything been done about it, as a matter of fact, baby Joey has made it exponentially worse, but the media won’t tell you about that.

How would he do that, you ask? Simple. By the stroke of the pen, knowing that the media will praise him for such bravery – that’s spelled “executive order.”

Remember. Executive Orders are merely “a guideline” for the executive branch of government to follow on what the president would like to get accomplished to make the “government better.” They are not laws!

In the latest bunch of executive orders issued by baby Joey, he has insured that the next president will have his or her hands full reading through all the garbage that was executed by the government in their fantasy of showing the world “See. We’re doing stuff, so our jobs are more important than you who pay us. Aren’t you proud of us?”

The similarity? Obama did the 1-2 punch to the nation when he knew his time was up. Surprise United States! You are going to be completely screwed!

In 2012 Obama signed an executive order creating the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy to allow undocumented immigrants who had been brought to the United States as children to apply for renewable two-year periods of deferred action from deportation, allowing them to remain in the country and making them eligible for work permits. Although DACA targeted some of the same thorny social issues as the DREAM Act, it does not provide for a path to citizenship for those enrolled.

In 2014 Obama announced plans to create a related program, Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA). Like DACA, DAPA would have offered renewable deferred action status and work permits for individuals in the country illegally – in this case, parents of children who are US citizens or lawful permanent residents. Several lawsuits from state governments led to a 2015 injunction blocking DAPA’s implementation.

In 2016 Obama’s administration proposed the International Entrepreneur Rule to help foreign-born entrepreneurs to remain in the US as they expand their companies. The rule provided for so-called “startup visas” to encourage entrepreneurs from other countries to establish their businesses in the US.

Baby Joey.  He has a plan too.

The Biden administration recently issued yet another outlandish immigration action, but most Americans likely did not realize it. I’m talking about the Department of Homeland Security’s decision to extend and “redesignate” Temporary Protected Status for more than 700,000 illegal aliens from Venezuela that the Biden administration has already allowed into the US.

For many Americans, this may sound like a niche policy decision that only immigration policy experts care to discuss. That’s what the Biden Administration is counting on. Don’t be fooled, this is the epitome of an America Last policy.

To understand why we’re sounding the alarm, it is important to understand the historical misuse of Temporary Protected Status by various administrations since Congress created it in 1990. Under the law, the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security may designate a country for Temporary Protected Status if there is an ongoing armed conflict, an environmental disaster, or there are “extraordinary and temporary conditions.” Importantly, such conditions must prevent nationals of that country from safely returning home. Despite the name and congressional intention, there is nothing temporary about Temporary Protected Status.

Here’s why. Once the secretary designates a country, nearly every illegal alien in the US from that country receives a work permit, an exemption from deportation, a Social Security number, and the ability to obtain a driver’s license. Prior to President Trump, administrations of both political parties would continuously extend the designation, and the benefits that come with it, using increasingly absurd justifications such as the existence of “coffee rust” for one country. The “redesignation,” meaning advancing the cutoff date for eligibility, is blatantly unlawful and functions to benefit the illegal aliens who made it into the US after the initial designation.

The Biden administration’s abuse of Temporary Protected Status has reached another level. There are currently 16 countries with Temporary Protected Status. This includes restoring the designations for the six countries the Trump Administration properly terminated but activist courts interfered with until the change of administrations. The Biden Administration is also responsible for five new designations, by the far the most that any administration has done in under three years. In fact, the Department of Homeland Security has “redesignated” every country except one when it has come up for review.

In fact, it appears that Temporary Protected Status was always the end game of the Biden administration’s open border policy. Step one was literally throwing open the border by terminating the Remain in Mexico policy, mass releasing illegal aliens into American communities, and gaslighting the American people by denying that there is a crisis. Once the optics of millions of illegal aliens surging across the southern border became too damaging politically, the administration moved to phase two, which was rerouting illegal immigration under the guise of “lawful pathways.”

Specifically, this step involved the parole program the Department of Homeland Security created to fly 30,000 inadmissible aliens per month into the US from Venezuela, as well as from Cuba, Haiti, and Nicaragua. This is a clear abuse of this authority. This policy is being challenged in court, and I believe the Biden administration knows it is going to lose.

And that’s where the devious third phase, Temporary Protected Status, comes into play. Everything about the Venezuela decision smells of political impropriety. Temporary Protected Status decisions, the Venezuela decision should have been made in January 2024, roughly 60 days before the March 2024 expiration. So why is the administration so out in front of this one by several months? It seems to us that the Biden administration expects the courts to strike down its parole programs as unlawful, which would make all of those illegal aliens subject to deportation.

And though this administration isn’t removing anyone, the next America First administration will. In an effort to launder the unlawful parole program and obstruct the next administration’s ability to easily remove illegal aliens, DHS “redesignated” Venezuela for Temporary Protected Status to cover the approximately 472,000 illegal aliens who the Biden Administration allowed into the US since the initial designation in 2021.

Expect this weaponization of Temporary Protected Status to continue. The day after the Venezuela decision, DHS “redesignated” Afghanistan’s Temporary Protected Status. Although the additional roughly 15,000 illegal aliens from Afghanistan that will now be covered are far lower than Venezuela’s, this is the beginning of failing of the administration’s plan to designate new countries for Temporary Protected Status and to “redesignate” existing countries.

Before the Trump Administration, less than 500,000 illegal aliens had Temporary Protected Status. Under President Biden, the count is at least 1.5 million.

The cartels and human traffickers are definitely applauding this new policy as they can easily market to vulnerable migrants the high likelihood of eventually being covered by Temporary Protected Status if they can make it into the US before the Biden administration ends.