Information you can trust

Picture depicting a hacker

After reading an article today from a major media corporation, I was left with the thought of “you have to be kidding? this is a joke, right?”

The headline of the article read: “Philippines wards off cyber attacks from China-based hackers”

The article went on to say that the Philippines had bravely defended itself against hackers that had targeted the president’s website and email.

Further defending their brave actions, the article went on to say that the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) had determined that because the originating IP address that was used during the attacks belonged to China’s Unicom, therefor, the hackers had to have been Chinese.

My first thought – among the thousands that were now flying around in head – was “how in the hell did you become this stupid!?”

This is not and I repeat…This not how it works! I am will to bet a hundred bucks that the hackers were no where near China, much less actually inside of the country of China.

Once again, the media is so full of shit and in such a hurry to pump out thousands of articles per day, that there was no real attempt to even give it the slightest thought about what might have actually happened, do a little research and then compose an article for publication.

In fear of possible retaliation from a boss or the pubic, the word “journalist” is all but a distant memory of a once respected profession. You see, if someone had actually done some research and pushed more believable findings, it would have been to much of an embarrassment to those that stood so boldly to announce that they had defected the Chinese and therefore now have justification of their jobs.

By the way. At the bottom of the article, is the reminder that the information you just read can be trusted; well, because we said so; “Information you can trust.”