Can You Have Immunity From A Natural Infection?

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Vial Of COVID-19 Vaccine
Vial Of COVID-19 Vaccine

While the answer might seem obvious, there are still a number of government entities that have declined to state that this is true. One of them being the Center for Disease Control in the US.

As has always been the case throughout the history of time, the more the truth comes out, the more it will be clear that natural immunity is the only thing that works alongside a vaccine.

In the US, the government has a keen way of ignoring facts that don’t quite line up with whatever statements they want an ever vulnerable public to know. As a matter of fact, the US government will tell it’s population that the massive numbers of the population who were already infected with the Covid-19 virus that they never had it.

This obdurate disregard of science has ramifications not only for giving people who are no longer in danger of spreading the virus their freedom back, but in prioritizing those who need the vaccine the most.

Throughout this Covid-19 virus, the government-media-scientific complex has been adamantly publishing the worst of this virus, despite growing evidence that it behaves like most other pandemic flu-like viruses with its own quirks.

Whether it’s the hypothesis of mass asymptomatic spread, masks and lock-downs working to stop the spread, children being in danger, or the denying of cheap, effective prophylactics and early intervention treatment, the medical establishment has placed a premium on panic when establishing vital premises leading to policy decisions. The more people feel helpless and controlled, the better.

Likewise, the medical establishment has bizarrely and dogmatically stuck to the position that somehow there is no natural immunity to SARS-CoV-2 despite years of observations of robust T-Cell immunity from SARS-1 and cross reactivity with Covid-19 and nearly a year’s worth of observations that very few people even get asymptomatic cases of SARS-CoV-2 again after having already gotten it, despite its widespread circulation at present.

Why is there long lasting immunity when studies have observed waning antibodies after a few months?

A new study published in Science by the La Jolla Institute for Immunology studied blood samples of 188 convalescent Covid-19 patients up to eight months after infection. While researchers did find a moderate decline in antibodies eight months later, as predicted, they found robust B-Cell and T-Cell immunity in the blood. In the case of B cells, they found they were “more abundant at 6 months than at 1 month post symptom onset,” which lends cadence to the theory of long term immunity picking up the slack after antibodies wane.

Most of those in the sample were only mildly infected with the virus, with just 7% of the patients hospitalized at some point. Thus, the notion that severely infected individuals will wind up contracting a serious case again is absurd. Treating every American like a carrier when at least one-third have already gotten the virus is anti-science.

Ignoring the growing natural immunity also has ramifications for more effectively prioritizing vaccination. Even one who believes in eventually vaccinating those who have already gotten the virus must concede that they should not take spots of those more at risk. This is a point Marty Makary, a professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Bloomberg School of Public Health, made in a Washington post op-ed last week. He notes how the CDC’s guidance of treating anyone who has gone 90 days since infection as if they have no immunity is “outdated and fails to take natural immunity seriously.”

“As a result of this flawed guidance,” warns Professor Makary, “Americans with natural immunity, including many who are low risk are inappropriately getting the vaccine instead of high risk seniors.” He cites a slew of studies showing how even mild infections trigger long term immunity and how almost all the rare exceptions of re-infection never result in serious clinical consequences.

“Many in the medical field have been playing down natural immunity. In the noble effort to overcome vaccine hesitancy, they argue that everyone should get the vaccine to reach herd immunity and reopen society,” observes Makary. “But we need to stick to the science.”

He adds that while the medical community, including himself, assume that the vaccine will convey longer lasting immunity,” there is no clinical data to support that hypothesis, and expert predictions are not always correct.”

Makary even concedes that “a few of my Johns Hopkins colleagues have suggested that natural immunity due to prior infection could be better than vaccinated immunity,” given that 5% of infections that occurred during the vaccine trials were in people who received the vaccine. Natural immunity, on the other hand, seems to convey higher than a 95% guard against re-infection, at least thus far.

“Given that close to a third of all Americans and perhaps more have had Covid-19 infections, it’s possible that herd immunity is closer than we think,” wrote Makary.

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