Monkey See, Monkey Do

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Three monkeys with a coconut
Three monkeys with a coconut

In today’s society, there is an apparent trend that goes something like this: If I see someone doing something, then in theory, I too am supposed to do the same thing. For example, if someone is driving down the highway with their high beams on, then apparently, I too am supposed to driving down the highway with my high beams on too.

A type of blame-game mentality. “But they were doing it, so I have to do it too.”

As children, our parents attempted to guild us with a sense of thought. To think for yourself and for the betterment of yourself and a betterment of society. They would say to us “If I stick my hand in the fire, does that mean that you are going to stick your hand in the fire?”

In today’s society, it has become overwhelmingly apparent that the blame-game is very alive and well. One only has to look outside of their front door to see it.

The moral of this very short writing is, don’t be like everyone else, thinking that you are fitting in, be yourself.


Author: David

As a retired traveler, IT systems engineer by trade, Electronics engineer by hobby. I spend my free time writing about subjects giving the reader events in history to ponder, as well as current events.

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