God Is Calling

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Walking with bible on dirt road
Walking with bible on dirt road

To those that will listen.

We have oceans that are filled in hundreds of millions of tons of trash, cars, boats and submarines that are leaking nuclear radiation.

What happens to metal when it rust? We are left with uncountable tons of this and how about all that radiation?

Oxidized metal

Almost all nuclear power plants are located next to the ocean for it’s water and those that aren’t, are located next to major water ways or rivers.

There are millions of tons of old bombs from WWI and WWII laying in the bottom of the ocean because? … They couldn’t figure out what to do with unstable artillery. If it’s unstable, why is it dumped in the ocean?

Old Nuclear Warhead

There are uncountable gallons of oil in the ocean from oil spills, oil tankers that ruptured, oil rigs in the gulf that have exploded.

Oil spill in the golf

The waters of this planet are a wasteland.

God is calling….

There are governments that cannot control themselves. If they cannot control you, they will control your taxes to control you.

As with the Romans, there are empires that are attempting and successfully taking over other empires.

A population that that is broke is a controlled population that will bow down and bend to a government that threatens to jail you if you do not pay.

God is calling….

There are groups of people – large groups – that are being led by a political group that are uprising to the call of a false narrative. Antifa is one of them. A group that was started in Europe and is now world wide. The shear violence from this group is leaving thousands hospitalized or dead.


God is calling….

We have a world wide media that feeds us garbage. Big drama equals big financial gains in advertising from the blind.

God is calling….

People are killing each other in the streets for very senseless reasons.

Another bloody weekend in Chicago

There are people that will order a meal from a fast food restaurant and if they don’t like the way it looks or taste, they will shoot someone.

News article about woman firing a gun in McDonalds
News article about woman firing a gun in McDonalds

God is calling….To those that will listen.


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