I Only Regret That I Have But One Life To Lose For My Country

Nathan Hale

These words were spoken by Revolutionary War Hero and Patriot Nathan Hale on September 22, 1776. The day the British executed him by hanging for daring to fight tyranny. A fight that he took on in the hopes and dreams of establishing freedom. Freedom for his family.

Freedom for his fellow colonists and freedom for all those who would come after him, here in the new land. Nathan’s fellow Patriots won that war. Though he and many others gave their lives doing it. They won the right to freedom, and they went on to establish the greatest country to ever grace the earth.

Yes, this country of ours, it has had it’s ugly moments. Has there ever been a country that has not had it’s ugly moments? For that matter, has there ever been a human being other than Jesus Christ who has not had their ugly moments? Jesus was given to us by God for the very reason that humans do have ugly moments and the only way God could reconcile with our sin was to give his only son for those sins. So now that we have established that no one, and no country is perfect, let’s focus on the fact that ours is the best.

Ours, provides the most opportunity of all of the others on Earth to allow us to live in a free manner. Free to love and pursue happiness. Free to raise children and teach them the values we learned as we grew up and teach them the things that are important to us. Freedom to acquire property and businesses that provide an income and safe haven for those we are responsible for. And perhaps most importantly, the freedom to worship as we so choose. The ability to stand up and say “Thank you Lord for all you have done for us, and for all of this freedom you have Blessed us with.”

But we have come to a point in time where things are looking bleak, many of us believe we are coming quickly to the end of times described in the Bible. I certainly feel that is true. But when faced with an enemy who wishes to do us and our way of life harm, we do not simply lay down to be slaughtered. We rise up and do battle with them. And we do so always while asking God to guide us and make his will known to us. With God on our side, we cannot lose. For even those slain in battle, if they are righteous and true, shall rise up again and join their brethren in eternal life when the day comes. In the mean time, while we all joyfully wait for that day to arrive, we will continue to enjoy our way of life, and the freedoms that come with it. And as many times as it proves necessary, Patriots shall fight….and often give their lives in the process, to protect and perpetuate those freedoms. Yes, I too regret that I have but one life to give for God and my country. For I would gladly give my life as many times as I could, to protect the land and the people that I love. When I am gone, please do not mourn my loss. Rather, just remember why I am gone and use that for inspiration for the same strength and the same passion for each of you to do the same. Fight on and we will continue to win liberty, again and again.