How To Win An Election The Dirty Way

How To Win An Election The Dirty Way

The answer to this question is apparently a lot easier than one would imagine. So lets dive right into how it could be done. We’re not saying this is how it is being done, but given the facts that are presented to global population on a daily basis, it would be hard to believe otherwise.

1) Mass migration from other countries. If the immigrants are not apprehended or questioned, – perhaps registered to vote – then you can get them in the third step.

Of the millions that have come into the US so far, there is a fair percentage that are being labeled as “get a way’s.” The others that are processed at the boarder using the CBP One appointment undergo national security and public safety checks, they are not screened for asylum. Instead, they are processed under the humanitarian parole authority, which allows them to work, and given a notice to appear in immigration court, where they can later ask for asylum. Those cases typically take years to be decided.

Migrants in Mexico have made more than 64.3 million requests to enter the US using a smartphone app that the Biden administration has tried to establish as the main gateway to the American asylum system at the southern border, internal federal government documents show.

The top origin countries of those allowed into the U.S. under the program, the documents show, are Venezuela, Mexico, Haiti, Cuba, Honduras, Russia, El Salvador, Colombia, Chile and Guatemala.

2) Clog the court system beyond comprehension. By the time the mass migration is brought to a manageable slow-down there will be at least 100 million new inhabitants in the US. That is not a small number by any stretch of the imagination.

That means that there are now 100 million new court cases that need to be presided over. How many years do you think that would take? The people waiting to see the judge are going to be old by the time they get to present their case in court. As well, most of the judges who preside over immigration cases will have retired.

The current condition of the court system as a whole in the United States is a mess! Every kind of frivolous lawsuit you can imagine is being filed. The court system has already been inundated and stretched to a breaking point.

3) Give all immigrants a drivers license. Why not? You already gave them the right to work, so you can’t ask them to walk 10 miles each way.

The catch. The “Automatic Voter Registration” law passed in 1993. Automatic voter registration (AVR) is a process in which eligible individuals are automatically registered to vote when interacting with certain government agencies, such as a department of motor vehicles. Information gathered from participating government agencies is transmitted to election officials, who use it to either create a new voter record or update an existing registration. While this process is triggered by an interaction with a participating government agency.

Each state has their own set of rules regarding voter registration as illustrated in the table below.

Voter Registration

Before anyone jumps on the bandwagon about the fact that you can opt out, I have one question for you. “If you didn’t know you were being registered to vote, how would you know to opt out?”

You see, immigrants that come from another country, typically do not sit around the breakfast table reading the latest issue of Condé Nast, so they would not know. It would be the same as asking a four year old child the meaning of the formula: twenty-eight times nine, divided by five, plus thirty-two (28*9/5+32=82.4). There is no way for them to know, much like you probably looked up the formula to find out that it is used to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit.

4) Now that you have effectively registered (the DMV shares data with anything that squeaks) 100 million people with every government agency there is, and there is a LOT of them, you can now include the new numbers in the census bureau’s ever so brilliant counting practices.

What effect would this have? Individuals are normally counted within households, and information is typically collected about the household structure and the housing. For this reason, international documents refer to censuses of population and housing.

Now ask yourself, how are the seats of Representatives and Senators determined. That’s right; from the census.

You are effectively “loading,” or skewing the seats in congress to ensure that your ideas for policy are passed without question and that the majority of congress is in power for your party.

The rest, as you can imagine is history that will be written all to soon.