God In The Midst Of Turmoil

God In The Mist Of Turmoil

Understandably, whenever there is a crisis, weather it be from a flood, fire, tornado, earthquake, typhoon, volcano or even a pandemic from the bumbling hands of scientists and a corrupt government. As humans, our first instinct is to to look up to the sky and cry out to God “Why!?”

It does not matter what religion you might believe in; Christian, Catholic, Lutheran or any of the other various religions that there are today. One universal fact seems to remain, we look to God and ask why?

It is without question that it would be easy to spend years writing this article, and as to be expected, it would consume thousands, if not millions of pages of text, dead scrolls, etc to get through all of it.

For the sake of keeping this article abridged, I would like to focus more on the psychological reasons and focus on our selves. I know that last word is going to turn some people off, but inside, we all know it is a true fact that we do not look at ourselves nearly enough and hence why we have a disheveled society that I have written about so many times of recent.

Weather you are a religious person or a spiritual person, this writing is for you and about you. The same facts will remain and will also still be true to their word, no matter how those words are shuffled around to make one’s self feel better.

Often times, you will hear someone quote a bible verse, it could be something small, for example a well known verse; John 3:16 “For God so loved the world so much that he gave his one and only son, so that everyone who believes in him will not parish but have eternal life.”

The result that will be spoken will be shortened and made to make the person saying it believe that verse is solely about them, giving them a “feel better” moment. Nothing further from the truth could that be, for the bible – no matter which bible you are reading – is written for all of us and not one single person.

To give proof of concept to the words above “no matter which bible you are reading,” it is easy to see in everyday life that one religion or another is in a constant competition to see who can have the most members, completely leaving out the purpose of believing in God to start with.

So where is God in the midst of turmoil? I think the correct answer would be “he inside of you, waiting for you to get your shit together.”

While you are busy talking about the latest post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram bubble butt or whatever it is that you are fascinated with at the time until the next potato-head blares out from the television that second’s drama, you have completely forgotten about God. He is there and he is looking at you, but you are not looking at him and there lies the problem.

Psychologically, most people look at something they perceive to be a burden, something that would take more than a few seconds to concentrate on as a headache that they do not have time for. Reading – as I have also writing about a few times – is one of those burdens. Trust me when I say this to you. Our society absolutely needs to read more and I do not mean a seven word tweet.

So who do you blame for this unfortunate circumstance? TV? Newspapers? Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? or the unexpected phone call from a friend asking if you want to go out to do this or that.

The simple answer is, you are to blame and nobody else. God is and has always been steadfast in where he is inside of you, and that is where God is in the midst of turmoil.