DNA – The Liquid Gold

DNA Genetic Double Helix

I wrote a three part post back in May of last year, titled “The New Normal,” where I outlined the warning of a cataloged society. Most specifically, the warning was about the mass collection of DNA from all citizens around the globe.

Knowing that this information is the absolute last frontier to a global catalog of the worlds citizens, brings unprecedented alarm that every person on the planet should not only be taking notice of, but should be demanding that their DNA be destroyed and disposed of after any test that involves this COVID-19 crisis that we have all been forced to deal with.

As I outlined in The New Normal – Part One, the shear magnitude of such a catalog is a catastrophic abomination waiting to happen. No one institution of any sort, whether it be a medical facility, chain of medical facilities, a city, state, county or federal government should posses such a catalog.

The implications that we are going to look at today highlight exactly the warning that I gave eight months ago.

While the United States – and world for that matter – were so enthralled with the global politicians’ and mass media’s every word and movement, the global population became drunk on stupidity, leaving the exact governments that I referenced to waltz right into our lives, set up shop and begin that catalog that I feared.

While the collection of DNA can be useful for solving crimes or for research institutions to develop new medicines or to study history that is buried in the ground, it has absolutely no place being in a catalog for the nefarious reasons that it will become to be known.

You see, while we were so focused on the latest Instagram model, who posted what, who got blocked from Twitter, a little known company called BGI Group, – A Chinese company – and the worlds largest biotech company set up shop in Washington D.C. and offered to set up shop in six states.

While the rest of us were asleep, Bill Evanina, then the US country’s top counterintelligence officer, authorized a rare public warning. “Foreign powers can collect, store and exploit biometric information from COVID tests.”

Some in the rainbow crowd will say that it’s to help everyone with the pandemic, others are more likely to say “that’s not right.”

Last, but not least, the fear that everyone on this planet should be taking note of with wide open eyes is “crackers.” Yes, a cracker is someone that attempts to break into a computer system or network data center. A hacker is someone that attempts to get computer hardware to do things it was not designed to do, like overclocking a CPU.

The data breaches continue to get worse and worse as the days go on, with a vast majority of large corporations and governments relying on outdated software that is a pain to update or is no longer made and that is running on outdated computer systems and we see from the Solarwinds data breach, that world governments are completely inept to preventing a massive data breach.

If a data breach could obtain a world population of DNA information, it would literally be catastrophic. No one would be able to do anything “Normal” in life and it would take decades to sort out the mess of true vs false information.

It would mean, the largest blackmail campaign ever known to man would ensue. It would be liquid gold in the hands of the holder.