UPDATED: September 30, 2023 to reflect the passing of Senator Dianne Feinstein.

With the upcoming United States elections coming up in November of 2024, there are a number of decisions that Americans must keep in mind.

For starters, this election is not just about electing a president. There are a number of senators and representatives that are also up for reelection.

There are 33 United States senators up for re-election in 2024. Ten are Republicans, three are Independents, and 20 are Democrats. As well, all 435 representatives are also up for reelection. The table below list the senators that are up for reelection, the state that they represent, their party affiliation and their states corruption score that is based on transparency and accountability.

Senators Up For Reelection In 2024

During our research into each of the senators that are throwing their hat into the reelection process, we have to note, there are some that have no business asking the people to vote/reelect them.

While the passing of any family member is very hard on the rest of the family, we feel that spending time with those family members should take president vs spending that valuable time sitting in congress not able to make reasonable decisions that would benefit the people you were elected to serve. Rest In Peace Dianne Feinstein.

Next up is Bernie Sanders. Besides being an overall nutcase, that is always demanding that the United States be brought into socialist form of government, there’s also the issue of his wife Jane.

In 2010, Jane Sanders, who had been president of Burlington College, a small liberal arts school of about 200 students, since 2004, entered into a $10-million deal to buy 33 acres of lakefront land from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington as part of a college expansion plan designed to attract more students.

She applied for a $6.5-million loan for the deal, telling lenders the school would be able to afford the debt with $2.6-million in donations and another $5 million in expected donations. Sanders also said money would come in from the enrollment increases she expected would follow the expansion.

But less than a year after the deal closed in December 2010, Sanders resigned under pressure from the college board of trustees after it became apparent she was not able to secure the commitments for the donations she’d promised.

In the years following her exit, the school’s financial picture continued to deteriorate and the college closed in May 2016 as a result of what it said then was the “crushing weight” of the debt it could not pay off from the deal Sanders reached when she was president.

The Burlington Diocese, which had loaned the college $3.6 million to purchase its land, said in a statement to NBC News that it reached a settlement with Burlington College about the remaining debt and had no further comment.

Next up is Elizabeth Warren. While Elizabeth Warren is certainly educated (University of Houston and Rutgers Law School).

She has also taught law at several universities, including the University of Houston, the University of Texas at Austin, the University of Pennsylvania, and Harvard University. She was one of the most influential professors in commercial and bankruptcy law before beginning her political career.

Elizabeth Warren also built a business empire on cosmetics and clothing, handbags, etc. It was not till the Obama years that she went south in her thinking (probably before then).

The self titled “progressive” is, like Sanders and a few others, consistently calling for more taxes, claiming that if a business received a tax break to build a factory, then they need to pay a lot of taxes to pay it forward, completely leaving out the idea that the reason a new, or established business receives a tax break is to expand, hire employees and thereby creating a larger tax collection base then what was given to them.

Case in point. She attempted to out Elon Musk, stating that he did not pay enough taxes. The whip-lash for that statement was swift and harsh to demonstrate just out of touch she is (more than likely intentional) with out tax credits work. It turned out that Elon Musk paid more taxes then anyone on earth.

Those are just three examples for this writing to incite what is going to be the most important aspect of this election cycle.

Research. We implore everyone to read not only the history of each of these candidates, but to read about their accomplishments and failures. What were they? Good vs Bad. Vote on the history of a candidate and vote for the one that will allow you, the citizen to be able to flourish in your own business quest and the liberty to be able to buy a house without being crushed to death by taxes and government regulation.