Could The US Be Headed For The Perfect Storm

Could The US Be Headed For The Perfect Storm

I’ve held-off on writing this as it seems, no matter how hard we try to focus on current events vs facts, the kid (Joe Biden) in the corner with the new toy has now tossed that one into the pile to never be played with again; or should we say “the handlers have buried this or that embarrassment,” as well as what seems to be countless more to come.

Every day, citizens from all over the world wake up with the sagging, nagging thought of “what has he fucked up so far today?”

We’re going to take a look at some of the events that have taken place since Biden was inaugurated, but first, we need to take a step back in time to another (one of many) failures of Joe Biden when he was a senator.

The 1994 crime bill that was co-sponsored by the then 29 year old Biden, did (as to be expected) very little-to-nothing to help solve the perceived high crime rate. As a matter of fact, the crime rate was falling and by the time the bill was signed, was below the rate that it was in the 1970’s.

The one thing that it did do was to add definitions between powered cocaine and crack cocaine. Looking back on history, you’ll remember that as first lady, Nancy Reagan was on a mission to lower the drug usage rate that was quickly plaguing the US at the time. Her slogan at the time was “Just say no to drugs,” followed by a large media campaign featuring someone holding a frying pan with an egg in it, saying “this is your brain on drugs.”

The 1980’s were a mixed time. People were coming out of the hippies movement and into another chapter of progression with future ideas, thoughts, etc.

There was just one problem, the drugs being manufactured in the 1970’s were for the most part clean. Sure there might have been some rat poison added to this or that, but people were not dying left and right from it.

The drugs of the 80’s and 90’s were a different story and the drugs today are obviously a completely different story as people are dying by the hundreds every day.

So to give credit for the bumbling idiot that co-sponsored a bill that would help the courts convict has now been squashed by the same bumbling idiot who wants criminals to run free by threatening states, mayors, police departments, judges, etc. This would be called “take no responsibility for your own actions. It’s somebody else’s fault.”

In the last year alone, it has never been more apparent to any man, woman, child or the family dog, (pretty sure the family dog is smarter) that this shit-show-clown-circus charade of a US administration has it’s head buried in the sand as it continues to decimate not only the US, but insure that the financial markets all over the world crumble under the weight of one idiot.

I’m sure Barnum and Bailey are rolling in their graves, saying “Holly Shit! We thought we were the biggest clowns on the planet.”

Moving right along. It’s obvious that everyone on the planet was watching the US election of 2020. Why? Lets start with the US southern boarder.

There were an estimated two million people camped-out at the southern boarder just waiting to flood their way in if the election was called in Biden’s favor, as it was.

The people at that boarder were not just Mexican nationals looking for a better way of life, as that opportunity has always existed. It might be hard for those folks to get into the US for that better way of life, but the opportunity is there to do it the right way. I personally know several that have done it and are good functioning members of society that work the same 40 hour week and pay all the same taxes as everyone else. Most importantly, they do not have criminal records.

There were nationals from every walk of life. From all of the southern countries that encompass South America, Chinese, Middle East, Haiti, Africa, you name it, they were all there because they had heard that Joe Biden was going to give them “freeee” everything. Well. That turned out to be correct. Billions, upon billions have been spent.

Biden said that the border crisis didn’t begin “overnight.” Actually, it pretty much did begin overnight, the moment he took office. Since he was sworn in as president, there have been an estimated 6.5 million illegal border crossings. In December alone, there were 281,487 illegal immigrant encounters at the border, according to Customs and Border Patrol. That’s the highest number ever recorded.

Border towns are besieged, but the whole country is now experiencing the effects of the illegal immigration crisis. Not only are millions of people crossing the border illegally, the border situation has created additional problems beyond the humanitarian issue. Huge quantities of illicit drugs such as fentanyl are coming across the border, brought here by drug and human traffickers who thrive in the chaos.

It’s not a stretch to say that Biden has created the worst border crisis in US history. He’s set records for border crossings in each of his first two years as president, and at the current rate, we will set an illegal border-crossing record again this year. This is all while Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas again and again assures us that the border is “secure.”

The debt! The dam debt!

Pretty much every modern president and Congress has failed on the national debt issue. But Biden has ratcheted it up to a whole new level of retardation. The US started the 2023 fiscal year with a national debt of more than 31 trillion, which is 120% of the entire US economy at this point. That debt increased by about 4 trillion since Biden arrived in office. And the administration is eager to pile up more debt, with every kind of spending problem that no on could ever imagine. Freeee! Money falls from the sky!

What’s the administration’s plan to deal with the debt that’s quickly reaching its congressionally authorized ceiling and flirting with a big Capitol Hill showdown? Well, some of the administration’s backers suggest that the Federal Reserve create a one trillion coin.

Yes, a coin.

The proposal is of dubious legality. When questioned on this, the leading proponents of this solution suggested that the White House ignore the courts, creating a constitutional crisis, and march troops on the Federal Reserve if it doesn’t comply. Sounds like a real plan for economic stability.

But don’t expect help from Congress anytime soon. The massive omnibus spending bill passed late last month in the lame-duck Congress locked in spending until September. A debt apocalypse isn’t here yet, but the consequence of limitless spending is starting to catch up with us.

In the mean time, this same idiot and some of the loud-mouthed brain dead in congress keep squawking “we need to tax the rich.” Like this is going to solve the problem. I’ve wrote before and I’ll say it again. A vast majority of these “rich” people were not born into money, they earned it by coming up with an idea, mortgaging their homes, cars and anything else they could use to get a bank to loan them money to get their idea off the ground. Apple, Amazon and Google quickly come to mind.

Unfortunately for the loud mouthed-do-nothing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Biden clowns, the “rich” as they squawk, pay a lot and I mean a LOT of money to taxes.

Biden has continually made the claim that the rich only pay 8% on their taxes and each time the fact-checkers dutifully call him out on it. According to IRS data from 2019, it shows that the top 1% of taxpayers paid an average federal income tax rate of 25.6%.

As the Tax Foundation points out, that rate is “more than eight times higher than the 3.1 percent average rate paid by the bottom half of taxpayers.”

In fact, the top one percent also paid 42.3% of all federal income taxes in 2020, despite only receiving 22.2 percent of total adjusted gross income. Color me stupid, but that seems an extremely fair share.

The truth is this, we do not have a taxing or revenue problem, we have a spending problem. Spending in fiscal 2022 amounted to 25% of GDP, way above the historical average of about 20%. Meanwhile, tax receipts in fiscal 2022 amounted to 18.7% of GDP, more than the long-term average of 17.1%.

Now lets remember something and remember it well. I’ve also said this many times. The “rich” as squawkers want to call it, have no, none, zero! allegiance to any citizen or government. They are no different than you or I. As a matter of fact, they could dissolve their business(s), pack up and move to another country. Sitting around in their lounge chairs, I’m sure they would be smiling while saying “stupid foolish idiot government.” That would certainly help the economy. 100’s of thousands laid-off and a really big hole in the IRS’s tax revenue.

As a matter of fact, many of them and movie stars have already obtained dual citizenship, homes, etc in other countries.

Inflation. Yes, we are in serious trouble!

Inflation may be slowing down a bit (while food prices soar) but for the most part, the US economy under Biden has suffered its highest levels of inflation since the Jimmy Carter administration in the late 1970’s.

The result is that while the US economy has somewhat of low unemployment, for now, inflation and the cost of living are wiping out the wealth of the average American and lets not forget the massive (100,000+) lay-offs that have happen in the last three months.

In fact, according to an economist at The Heritage Foundation, the average American family has lost $9,100 in purchasing power under Biden due to inflation and high interest rates. So, while the Biden administration has celebrated a rise in take-home pay, the reality is that inflation during his presidency has more than nullified those gains.

We can also take issue with Biden’s spin on the slowing inflation. Slightly lower inflation is hardly a major victory. To say that inflation is going down is correct, but that is not the same as prices going down.

Inflation going down means that prices are still rising, just not quite as fast as before. A 8.1% inflation rate is still horrific. It means prices will double in about a decade. Put another way, the house is burning down, but the good news is, we might save a few chairs and lets not forget the interest rate that the consumer around the world is paying for credit has sky rocketed.

That’s hardly good news for anyone with a pencil, calculator and enough brains to use the two. As for the economy, lets throw rocket fuel on an already seriously screwed-up mess that baby Joey has already made while complaining that his diaper is full. As always “it’s somebody’s else’s fault.”

The recent bank collapses sent markets around the world scrambling to contain a massive fire. I can assure you, there were thousands of CEO’s in full “Oh ShitFuck!” mode on the news of the Silicon Valley Bank collapse and the other subsequent banks that collapsed. How many billions do you think were thrown at it? The correct answer is “more than anyone will ever know.”

But not for baby Joey. I’m sure he woke up with his sippy cup, full diaper, in his delusional world, only stating “throw money at it.” As if that is the only answer that he knows, of course, except for “make it go away.”

But wait! There’s more!

If all of this damage was not enough to make the world markets go into complete “apeshit” mode, baby Joey’s completely screwed up handling of the Russia-Ukraine mess, (untold billions more sent to help fight the war) has other countries dumping the dollar. Known as “BRICS” which stands for Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa have or are in the process of adopting the Chinese Yuan. What do you think that is going to do for the rest of the world’s markets. The answer is “create complete market chaos.”

Creating a Woke Administrative State.

In Biden’s “peace, love, dope, I’m cool” delusional world, much like that of Obama prancing around, taking selfies to show the world how cool he is and it should be noted that he too had a completely screwed up economy and housing market crash.

In what can only be described as vote buying, the federal bureaucracy is being transformed into an apparatus more wholly devoted to the cult of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Following Biden’s 2021 executive order to establish a “government-wide initiative to advance diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in all parts of the federal workforce,” the bureaucracy has been hard at work injecting every college campus-style insanity into its everyday operations.

Yes, NASA and the Pentagon are now discussing microaggressions and other woke nonsense. That’s comforting to know. Moreover, all of this extends beyond the bureaucracy’s day-to-day operations.

In April, the Biden administration issued guidance through the Department of Health and Human Services to ensure that “transgender youth receive the care they need.” What does that mean? This is from a Justice Department memo released at the same time:

“Intentionally erecting discriminatory barriers to prevent individuals from receiving gender-affirming care implicates a number of federal legal guarantees. State laws and policies that prevent parents or guardians from following the advice of a health care professional regarding what may be medically necessary or otherwise appropriate care for transgender minors may infringe on rights protected by both the Equal Protection and the Due Process Clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment.”

The bottom line is that Biden, with the power of the federal government, wants to ensure that your child will be gender-transitioned, whether you like it or not.

The Biden administration also redefined Title IX protections for women to include sexual orientation and gender identity. Among other things, that could mean that gendered facilities in schools that receive federal funding could be eliminated or opened to the opposite sex.

The order means that the Department of Education will now go after, for instance, public school libraries that try to remove books with sexually explicit content that deals with LGBT identities.

And lets not forget, the billions that were sent to Africa for gender studies. I’m sure the kids over there are just thrilled to learn about something that has no effect on their daily lives while they starve, wondering where their next meal is going to come from, much less trying to learn something of importance.

Specter of scandal

A more recent development in the Biden presidency has been the discovery that he had classified documents from when he was the vice president under President Barack Obama and some that were dated back to when he was a senator.

Of course, when the FBI seized documents from former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago compound in Florida, the media treated it as the scandal of the century. At the time, Biden said he couldn’t believe how “anyone could be that irresponsible” to keep classified documents.

The media were working overtime to draw a distinction here to soften the blow for Biden, but the reality is that this looks bad for the president. It also undermines their arguments about Trump and Republicans being some kind of unique threat to the country.

Before Biden was elected, there were questions about scandal in his family. Was his son, Hunter Biden, using his fathers name and influence to enrich himself? Was the now president in on this corruption? Of course, Big Tech and the media infamously quashed this story in the days before the 2020 election. It’s not going away now.

Even Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., the No. 2 Democrat in the Senate, said that the recent discovery of classified materials in Biden’s Delaware home and the Penn Biden Center “diminishes the stature of any person who is in possession of it and that Biden “bears ultimate responsibility.”

No Return to Normalcy

Not only did things generally seem broken and dysfunctional in the past year, but Biden and his administration frequently took opportunities to portray half the country as evil, anti-democratic monsters. That’s a real winning combination.

In Biden’s now infamous speech with a blood-red backdrop where he ranted and raved at length about the wickedness of “MAGA Republicans,” the president effectively defined his opponents as an existential threat to the country.

“As I stand here tonight, equality and democracy are under assault,” Biden said. “We do ourselves no favors to pretend otherwise.” And he kept doubling down. Lets not forget the infamous video of a seriously angry Biden telling an oil worker “I do not work for you!” Ah…Yes, yes you do work for the citizens of the US.

“MAGA Republicans have made their choice. They embrace anger. They thrive on chaos. They live not in the light of truth, but in the shadow of lies,” Biden said. That’s quite ironic given images like this, from his Sept. 1 speech in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, which one news account headlined this way: “Biden shocks viewers with hellish red background for polarizing speech.”

Now, Biden might not have genuinely believed what he was saying. After all, his 50-year career in politics seems to be mostly a long practice in opportunistic cynicism. Biden’s primary strength as a politician has been in carefully triangulating to remain with the current of the Democrat Party, whatever direction that may take him.

One way or another, the speech most certainly represents what people in his administration believe. Many influential people on the Left in America apparently think that anyone to the right of Hillary Clinton (or who takes positions on social issues endorsed by Obama in 2008) should be ostracized, lose their job, and possibly have a powerful federal agency unleashed on them.

Ever the wily character, Biden tried to soften his position a bit after the speech. But the fact remains that that’s now a common view on the Left. To a certain extent, Biden might have been right but what we are dealing with now truly is a battle for the soul of the nation.

The problem is, Biden is on the wrong side of that battle. He promotes extremist gender ideology, obliterates the wealth of the average American, empowers fanatical bureaucrats in Washington, and demonizes his fellow Americans, all while failing to uphold his constitutional duty to carry out the laws of this country and allowing millions of people to flood into this country illegally.

Afghanistan. Yes. The completely screwed up withdrawal from a long messy war.

Not even Obama screwed up this bad when he sent special forces to take out Osama bin Laden. At least they had the brains to blown up a failed helicopter instead of leaving classified military equipment laying around in the desert.

Biden’s shambolic withdrawal from Afghanistan was certainly one of the low points of his presidency and one of the lowest points of American foreign policy since the fall of Saigon at the end of the Vietnam War.

The Biden administration assured the country that the withdrawal would be orderly, and that the Afghanistan government was stable upon America’s departure. We clearly had a massive failure of intelligence, since the Afghanistan government collapsed and the Taliban took over the country in just a few weeks.

To make matters worse, as the crisis was unfolding, Biden seemingly was nowhere to be found. The world witnessed a massive fiasco, with videos of Afghans falling off departing planes in a desperate attempt to escape, but the administration kept quiet, then made excuses.

Even reliably left-wing media figures began to question Biden’s leadership and competence on this matter. Biden struggled to answer even the most basic questions about the botched operation without getting belligerent and essentially saying there was nothing he or his advisers could have done to prevent the catastrophe.

When ask by George Stephanopoulos about the issue: “You don’t think this could’ve been handled better in any way?”

Biden’s answer was to be expected: “No, I don’t think it could’ve been handled in a better way. The idea that somehow there was a way to have gotten out without chaos ensuing, I don’t know how that happens.”

When Biden took office, we were assured that the adults were back in charge. That’s not what it looked like when administration officials were tested by its first real foreign policy crisis. Instead, they created a crisis of confidence in American leadership.

Authoritarian COVID-19 mandates

Remember when Biden said he would shut down the COVID-19 virus and not the economy? Well, most Americans now believe that COVID-19 is here to stay no matter what we do. This after Biden reached beyond the powers of his office to force Americans to get vaccinated and tell states to enforce the most stringent mask mandates.

Biden tried to force private employers and other organizations with over 100 or more employees to enforce a vaccine mandate, despite saying that he didn’t think it was exactly constitutional. The Supreme Court agreed, and struck down the executive order in January. One employer is quoted as saying “We took our fight against Biden’s unlawful COVID vaccine mandate to the Supreme Court, and I’m thrilled the justices ruled correctly.”

The federal government has no business dictating your private and personal health care decisions. Despite this kind of ham-handed caesarism, COVID-19 has not gone away. The omicron variant spread like wildfire in the winter months and is only now receding after countless Americans, vaccinated or not, got sick.

This development certainly undermined the justification for brutish vaccine requirements and the violation of civil liberties that was surely taking place. The result has been a collapse in the popularity of Biden’s COVID-19 strategy. Even many Democrat-controlled states and cities are starting to drop vaccine card requirements and mask mandates. If celebrities can watch the Super Bowl in a crowded stadium without masks on, why can’t we. Stop forcing children to participate in this farce? Americans are fed up and want to move on with their lives.

Crime Surge. The crime in the US is not even remotely under control!

American cities have experienced an explosion of violent crime since the summer of 2020. It’s a trend that shows no sign of abating. In December, ABC News reported that a dozen US cities had set homicide records in 2021. This trend coincided with (and almost certainly was exacerbated by) the “defund the police” movement.

In fact, many Democrat-run cities made good on this slogan by defunding their police departments and stemming the use of proactive policing. No surprise that cities that defunded police agencies often make the list of places with the largest increases in violent crime. Now, some of these city leaders are changing their tune and restoring police funding after much of the damage has been done.

This hasn’t stopped reckless left-wing district attorneys, such as Chesa Boudin in San Francisco and Alvin Bragg in New York City, from selectively deciding not to prosecute crimes. Biden mostly has dodged the idea that radical policies embraced by his Democratic Party are to blame for this issue.

Instead, Biden has pointed to the pandemic and guns as the cause of the sustained surge of violence and criminality, rather than the lawless riots and soft-on-crime policies. The president said he thinks police departments should get more money, which some took as a sign that he had departed from the message of left-wing activists. However, Biden said in January that he thought police should get more money to hire “psychologists and social workers,” which essentially is what the defunding crowd has called for.

War on Parents.

The war on Parents has not only been the tipping point, it’s created a war on the government. Violent crime is spinning out of control, but the Justice Department clearly doesn’t see that as the real threat to this country. No, the real threat is parents who disagree with what’s happening in their local schools. Parents around the country, even in far-left San Francisco, have been organizing in response to the misguided and often egregious policies of many K-12 schools.

From the inclusion of critical race theory and similar radicalized ideas in classroom curriculum to over-the-top COVID-19 restrictions that forced students to stay home for over a year or wear masks all day long, parents are fed up. The result has been old-fashioned self-government in action.

However, the response from the left has been to call transparency a threat to democracy, demonize parents, and threaten them with an FBI investigation.

In October, Attorney General Merrick Garland sent out a memo calling on the FBI to investigate “violent threats against school officials and teachers,” despite a lack of evidence of such threats. The Biden administration actually moved to treat parents as if they were domestic terrorists.

It appears that Garland’s memo was urged on by the National School Boards Association, which represents many local school boards. The association also receives a huge amount of money from teachers unions. In addition, Garland’s son-in-law is a co-founder of an organization that advocates “culturally responsive training” and other ideas associated with critical race theory.

So the attorney general’s memo wasn’t only an uncalled-for threat to parents, it also appeared to involve some serious conflicts of interest.

Tapping into Emergency Petroleum Reserves.

Laying all blame on Putin for gas prices that are double what they were before Biden took office, Biden has commissioned the selling of one million barrels of oil per day for six months from our national emergency reserve. Instead of saving our stockpile for an emergency and resurrecting the Keystone pipeline and other major American energy projects Biden killed, the administration is using up the largest release from the stockpile in our history and suggesting you buy an electric car.

Supporting Child Castration and Sterilization

The White House is openly championing “gender-affirming” surgeries and brainwashing attempts targeted at young children, and Biden is not simply a moderate bystander. He has threatened “immediate action” against state governors and attorneys general who decry castration of a kid as child abuse.

Of course, not to be outdone, the US is now grappling with a crisis in Sudan. I’m sure Joey will find a way to completely screw that up all while saying it’s somebody else’s fault.

If all this was not enough, just wait. Each day, sure as the sun will rise, the Biden(s) will find some way to inflict as much damage as humanly possible, all while saying “it’s your fault.”

Biden’s presidency has been a failure. He’s the tottering, corrupt, intellectually bankrupt face of a radical, broken regime and now he wants you to believe that he deserves another four years to “get the job done.”

That sounds more like a treat from a mob boss.