An Unrecognizable Society

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As the effects of the COVID-19 virus wear on, it only takes a matter of minutes traveling to see that everyone is still living in fear of a virus that they cannot see, cannot understand and most certainly have not taken the time to read about.

Whether you go into a store for groceries or a truck stop for a cup of coffee, the evidence is clear that an entire planet is still living in fear, ten months into this pandemic.

More striking than the fact that everyone is living in fear is just how little the planet’s populations’ knowledge is of this virus and an absolute abandonment of the populations’ personal surroundings.

As an example. The other day, I happen to wonder into a travel plaza for a cup of coffee, being somewhat of a coffee aficionado, I know some good places to get a fresh, not stale cup of coffee. Making my way to the coffee section, I was met with a barrier blocking my ability to obtain the elusive coffee that I so crave.

Miffed, as if I had just walked into a sliding glass door, my brain lay in a state of short circuit. How was I supposed to get the cup of coffee that my brain was now in a panic about not being able to obtain?

Puzzled, I walk over to the cashier, who, by this time had already seen the expression on my face, indicating that I was in the early stages of a cardiac arrest from coffee denial.

A cheerful, chippy young woman stated to me that she would have to get it for me, because, you know, COVID. As I stood there, waiting for her to get her gloves on and everything else, just short of a bio-hazard suit, it occurred to me; 1) This young woman knew absolutely nothing about this virus and 2) She left the cup of juice that she was drinking from wide open on the counter less than a foot away from where I was standing.

I thanked her for getting the coffee for me and then… I couldn’t hold it. I had to tell her of her lack of understandings. Regardless of company policy, she needed to be informed. 1) Coffee is hot! and the virus cannot live in a 120 degree or more environment, depending on the coffee maker, much less any kind of environment that would make your skin fall off. 2) Put a lid on your juice and set it on the counter behind you.

Over and over, time-in-time again, I see people wearing gloves, mask, face shields, while wearing shorts and flip-flops, as if to say that the virus cannot attach to any other part of your body except your face. We all know – or at least what the scientist have told us – that the viruses entry point is in the nose or mouth.

This virus that I have wrote about so many times of recent, continues to terrorize an entire planet’s population. While some might say that the word “terrorize” seems a bit drastic, I would like to offer the following explanation of the word terrorize.

Imagine if you will that you and I are neighbors. For some unknown reason to you, I start leaving notes on your door on a daily basis stating to “watch your back.” You, of course you be taken back by the first note with the thought of “Who would leave this kind of note on our door?” Then comes the second, third, fourth and so on. Now you are in a state of constant awareness with a lot of thoughts running through your mind that are not normal thoughts, including the thought of selling your house and moving somewhere else.

In easy principal, this virus is exactly the same. It is a terrorist attack on the daily life of the planet’s population, much less a terrorist attack against the world’s governments.

We all know by now that this virus emanated from a lab in Wuhan, China. A lab that was ill prepared to deal with a bio-hazard of this kind. We also know that China attempted to cover it up almost immediately after it got away from the scientist that were handling it. Moreover, we also know that after the discovery of it being in the wild, as well as all of the Chinese citizens that were dying from complications of being infected with it, that the US, Australia and UK offered to help contain it. Xi’s obnoxious denial of the existence of the virus and denied the offer of help.

The only conclusion that anyone with two walnuts worth of brain cells to rub together to command a thought; would be the actual truth being released if other, better prepared scientist from other countries were to step foot on Chinese soil.

The president of the US – and now many other countries – stated that China should be held accountable. Monetarily, this would bankrupt the Chinese economy. Unfortunately, Xi’s policies and procedures have already had this resounding effect.

From the failed dam project that broke during heavy rains, to the thousands that had died because of the dam breaking, to reigniting a stale 58 year old boarder war that was for the most part dormant, with both sides going on about their business without issue, to taking control of Hong Kong, killing it’s economy, to treats against Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Japan, Australia, the UK and the US, it is easy to see that not only should Xi personally be held accountable, but he should be ousted immediately.

To save face, as it is a very important part of Asian culture, a new leader should be brought in. A clean-up man, or woman. A person that would make it an almost instantaneous priority to invite these other nations that have the financial means as well as the expertise to deal with a bio-hazard of this magnitude to clean-up the Asian nation of China. Furthering their new agenda to play nice with the rest of the world, they would be open to the concessions that would come with the help that is not billable.

In the end, China could not only create a great nation for itself, but they would quickly find out that the curiosity of people would be coming to visit for tourism. Tourism is a main-stay staple of every economy as every country on this planet – for the exception of North Korea – can attest and it is easily seen by all of the advertising that is done.

So yes, China should be held accountable, but more importantly, the Chinese citizens should hold Xi accountable by ousting him and implementing new leadership that has enough vision to be able to turn the country around for the better.

As they say “If you don’t want to get beat up on the playground, play nice with the other kids.” The now embattled and battered Xi could learn a lesson of this nature.

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