A Dark Time In History – Part Three

A Dark Time In History Graphic

In part one of this series, I covered an introduction to social stratification – the classification of people – and covered slavery in the ancient times of Rome, Egypt and Greece. In this part two of this series, I covered a more in-depth history of slavery, albeit, as mentioned many times, just that history alone could command a 50,000 page book on the subject. In this, part three, I want to cover some of the other slavery that we don’t always think about. Self infliction and political slavery.

The dictionary defines self infliction as: inflicted by oneself, upon oneself: a self-inflicted wound. Political slavery could also be construed – to deduce inference or interpretation – as the same meaning.

As we look around in today’s society, we ask ourselves – more than likely many times an hour as we make our way to the store and back home – “why would that person do that? or What made them think it was going to be ok to do that”.

I have the belief that self infliction comes from a psychological thought process that leads a person to think “if I continue to press forward, things will be ok”. A condition that we are taught from a young age. “Do your best and never give up”. These are all things that we know from our up-bringing. The self infliction is a by-product that we don’t know about until it happens many times, hence, giving us another lesson in life. But what if the person continues to be self inflicted after the lesson is learned?

In the case of actual harming one’s self, medical experts have already determined that function to be a mental illness and not what we are going to cover here today. For the curious. Harming one’s self is typically associated with: borderline personality disorder, depression, anxiety disorders, substance abuse disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder and eating disorders – anorexia, bulimia, binge eating.

A lot of the same can be said about psychological self infliction, but it is typically associated with one’s refusal or inability -a actual mental condition that prevents them from being able cognitively understand – to believe. For example: “I refuse to believe there could be aliens floating around earth,” or “I refuse to believe the earth is round”. Sadly, we do have a Flat Earth Society that does believe just that. In the same psychosphere, a political slave has been taught by generations of ancestry to believe one party is the only party that should exist.

These self infliction’s are what causes us to have a melt-down for no other reason other than to have a reaction to an event. These melt-downs are also a sure telling sign of not getting the attention a child needs during their up bringing.

While that might seem a little harsh, there is a more dubious reason behind all of it. You see, as nations started to rise in manufacturing, dating back to the 1600’s – for this writing, we are going to call manufacturing anything from sugar to vegetables to auto parts – there was less time for the parents to spend at home with their children, a by product of having to now go to work due to the fact that housing and food cost were also rising.

In a simpler time, – I do remember this in my up bringing – one could go to a local farmer, buy a bag of oranges for 50 cents, lug it home and all good. Once you put a middle-man into the picture, the price of an item increases. This simple economics is why we now pay a ton of money for rent, furniture and food. But, it also creates more jobs. More people, more jobs are needed. More jobs created, the higher a price of an item. It’s an endless, vicious cycle.

In the political arena, there is the lessons a child is taught, or as a child’s mind is, monkey-see/hear, monkey-do/speak. Sadly this is more prevalent in today’s society than at any other time in history as we, as parents have dropped the ball on the core meaning of an up bringing.

As well as all of these mentioned above, men and women still seek the attention of a significant other. The cause/effect and outcome of this has led to millions of children being born not only out of wed-lock, but without any kind of formal up bringing or education. Instead, the education that is received is that of one on the street corner, hence leading to further degradation of our society.

This leaves the child with one and only one option. Believe what they hear on the street, or hear it from a neighbor or neighbor’s parent. This is now ingrained into their conscious thought process and it becomes the norm as they make their way through life.

As we read in part two, it becomes apparent that – in the United States – that this indoctrination of what to believe vs with is truth is what leads them in their daily life, i.e. the republican party is bad and the democratic party are God’s to be protected.

Out of all of the media “stars,” movie actors/actresses, there are only a few of them that have come forward to plea with the general public to use their God given brain, to read history, to read prospectus’, etc.

Last, but not least, financial slavery is very alive and well. Not all corporations are noble and just. As a matter of fact, the sole purpose of a corporation, as a living, breathing entity in and of itself, is to make money. It has no conscious. It does not know or care that you got laid off from your job.

There are also financial corporations that are able to operate under a guise that gives them impunity to what otherwise might be a criminal offense. Specifically, I am speaking about predatory lending institutions. They prey on the poor neighborhoods with the knowledge that the person(s) they seek are in fact indigent in the ways of life, knowing that these people have no way of knowing how to deal with financial matters. An easy target, like shooting ducks in a barrel.

These corporations also know that the people they seek did not have a proper parental housing up bringing. They know that their credit score is going to be low, thereby being able to entice them into signing up for credit that they will have no way of paying, later leading them into more anger and disrepair. Housing is sold as “yeah yeah, you got this”. Later, only to be homeless, – more anger and disrepair – destroyed credit and no job.

The end result is that these people turn to politicians, shouting from the roof tops that the politicians need to “fix it”. All the while, not knowing that the politicians that they are asking to “fix it” are the ones that are going to put them much deeper into disrepair. Another vicious cycle.

In closing, I want to say that it is up to us, the general public to “fix it,” to use our God given brains to see and most importantly, to think!